The Banian City Chronicles

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I spent the weekend at Tirupur to attend a friend’s wedding. Tirupur, incidentally is an interesting place. Any city that calls itself “Banian City” has got to be interesting. For instance, if one watched Hollywood movies frequently , one would easily come to the conclusion that all laptops in the world are made by Apple (and occasionally by Sony). But little did I realize that this ingenious company from the Bay Area would influence one of Tirupur’s successful garment houses, Ramraj Dhoties. Take a look at this


I get down in Tirupur at the bus-stand to be greeted by a dhoti ad featuring an Apple Powerbook! Of course, India is a country where (nowadays) fishermen from Kerala use community based text messaging to figure out the best prices for their catch, while just a few years ago, they were living in grinding poverty. For the mindboggling diversity and the overwhelming religiousness of the subcontinent, technology penetration has happened faster than I can text message “cu 2morO” on my mobile phone.

That said, Tirupur is very enterprising. Chevy Optras jostle for space with bullock carts. There is a lot of wealth being created by the thousands of spinning mills that produce every popular brand name one can think of – Classic Polo, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger. I even managed to buy a few shirts at about 300 rupees a piece while the tags read “12 euros”. You poor European suckers 🙂

Oh. I forgot to mention my bus journey to Tirupur in the first place. It was a yellow coloured bus. This one.


The driver of the bus, on the other hand, believed that his bus looked more like this:


To cut a long story short, it was raining cats, dogs, marsupials and arachnids. But the TNSETC Enterprise (shown above) was hurtling along at Mach 3 (approximately). And did mention that the windshield wiper was not working? Yes, the driver adopted a “I can’t see a thing anyway, so why bother wasting time driving slowly” strategy. The horn was used more frequently than the brake.

Ah well..all in all, very interesting. What else can have a pointlessly diverse tag cloud like this below

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3 responses to “The Banian City Chronicles”

  1. Koundachi -> Aachi Avatar

    Yayy enga oorap pathi pesitarung !! :):) KA.. Amazing blog.. U r the Wodehouse of India !! Salutations, vanakkams and all other WOW-y words 🙂

  2. Harish Avatar

    I’ve traveled through worsest(you should do a research on this word, no one seems to know where it came from) buses on setc. i remember a bus where the driver had to use the tawal to wipe the windshield when it was pouring down

  3. comparateur mutuelle santé Avatar

    Merci pour cet article, j’attends la suite avec impatience. Vous avez une très belle plume, bravo ! Continuez !

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