Somebody just insulted my role model

7 years in North India. To paraphrase a cliched tourist pamphlet, I discovered the marble splendors of the Taj, the saffron valleys of Kashmir, breathtaking streams of the Kullu Valley and the stately pleasure-domes of Kubla Khan’s Xanadu (ok. not the last lone).

But I discovered nothing more profound, more surreal and more phastasmagorical than the Man whose mind works faster than a computer. I sometimes think that the Hextium Quadruple Core processor in his exalted mind inspired me to take up a software job.

And now, I find out that somebody has insulted my role model. If your human heart is capable of tolerating the abhorrent nature of this cruel parody of my beloved Chacha, go ahead and read this

As any sensible person would realize, the author has conveniently missed the sheer subtlety of the symbolic meaning of Chacha’s adventures. By Jupiter! It is time to set the record straight. I present to you here, the true metaphysical meaning of “Funny Football”

A rock is a symbolism for the masculine ego. It is the agent of cruelty. Oh, what cruelties has mankind perpetrated over the course of history in the name of ego. The ego-rock is symbolically placed on the ground (base to speak) and people “derive” fun by “kicking” (a violent verb) it. The trifecta of Foot, Rock and Kick paint a powerful mental picture of the true nature of Man. Nothing more than a continuing saga of ego posturing. “Kick me with full force. Try it. Try it”, tempts the ego rock. And alas, we weak men fall for it.


Our ego posturing seeks petty victories. It then seeks to humble the truly wise. The dualism of the diminutive but wise Chacha juxtaposed with the gigantic yet humble Sabu is not something to be ignored. The petty posturing of small-time ego maniacs is no match for the spiritual wisdom of the Duality (Chacha Sabu). Chacha introduces the imagery of the “Basket”. A Basket. The metaphoric hoop through which the ego rocks fall to their doom. Those who can successfully drop their ego rocks through the basket, symbolically earn 2 points as well. Observe the beautiful interweaving of contemporary sports with ancient Indian wisdom.


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The humbling of the ego is a painful process. Observe how Chacha alludes to that fact elegantly. “We shall complete the game some other time”. A Guru must only show the way. It is up to Patku to “learn” and “complete the game himself”.

To Vishal, I say. Observe. Meditate. Realize.

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