Contemporary Vogon Limericks

Grunth, my porkbellied lizard

Wargled his ample gizzard

Fringled by loamy detritus

Crunchy bones arthritus (?)

gyrating tongue licked wizard

– Composed by The Crapulent Crustacean Chrishagogus, the Awesome Noisome Gruntbuggly of Poeticon IV

That poetic outpouring of extreme indigestion is a result of me wondering why Vogon Poetry was always composed in the boring 18th century Romantic style. So my alter ego (Chrishashogus) took a trip on a sailing ship and when he reached Jamaica, he (it) made a stop. No wait. That’s circa 1950s Belafonte. He ran into this gentleman instead.


Edward Lear (1812-1888), also known as Lord Limerickdas, was such a poet extraordinnaire that I will simply let Wikipedia do justice to his legacy. He introduced the Noisome Vogon Gruntbuggly to the supreme artform of the Limerick.

A poetic Vogon from intergalactic space

came down to earth at faster-than-light pace

He said “oh gribbly dear!”

“Teach me limericks Mr Lear”

“I will add to Vogon Poetry its missing grace”

Mr Adams. We all miss you. Badly. So long, and thanks for all the Vogon Poetry.

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