I agree…T Nagar rocks (and stones as well)

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A demoniacally gigaurban, chokingly congested, unabashedly supercommerical and catastrophically unplanned centrally located concentration camp of a suburb whose aim is to cover this fragile planet with the toxic waste of silk sarees, gold jewellery, plastic shopping bags and the dead bodies of men who died unable to bear the backbreaking burden of their wives’ Saravana Stores shopping bags

is what T Nagar IS NOT

The real truth about T Nagar is


And Mr Forgetful , you are wrong about KK Nagar.

KK Nagar, also kalled KKKKK (Ku Klux Kalaignar Karunanidhi Kuppam , is very shady (on account of several large trees on the sides of the roads I think) compared to the glorious T Nagar.

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4 responses to “I agree…T Nagar rocks (and stones as well)”

  1. Marc Avatar

    Double http on the ‘here’ link.

    And the third link is a short post that links to another blog post. Sheesh.

  2. krishashok Avatar

    Fixed, Mr English Typo Thought Police

  3. Marc Avatar

    From that blog:

    Velachery is infested with people who work for TCS and CTS, which is not terribly fun, unless one is holding shares of these companies.

    You probably have to move to Velachery now.

    T Nagar is not ‘the place to live in’ simply because of the traffic.

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