It was the best of times. It was the Vaastu of times.

Yes I know. Not punny. But this is the title I had in mind originally. “Goodu. Badu. Vaastu”. So be thankful. My mind has been distracted all day since I found this book at the Odyssey book store

Web Vastu – Designing Websites as per ancient science of directions

So I came back home from the book store, deeply disturbed. Is my blog Vastu compliant? Are my fonts aligned with the elements (and I dont mean HTML elements) ? Are my style sheets cascading in harmony with fire and earth? Am I composing my posts while consciously aware of the Brahmasthana?

These questions plagued me, and I read the entire website, and berated myself on not buying the book earlier in the day, and felt a deep sense of shame at having ingored the mystical science of Vastu in my everyday life all this while. And this only got worse when it struck me like lightning hitting a bad-vastu house that things were worse than I imagined.

  • Those ignorant designers of video games were ignoring vastu in the design of their virtual worlds. I am going to have to stop playing Simcity and Sims till they become Vastu compliant
  • The placement of buttons on my mobile phone turns out to be wrong as well. The brahmasthana should be empty. Thus, the “5” button needs to be moved to the South West. I am going to have to email Motorola and ask them to consider this change if they are to have any hope of surviving as a company
  • The positioning of spectacles on my nose is in complete misalignment with Saturn. That’s going to have to change. Lawrence and Mayo will need to invent nose avoiding anti-gravity based floating lenses to help me align with the heavenly elements

I am a shattered man. Saturn, Mercury, Fire, Earth, Water and Neptune are up in arms against my poor HTML elements. Every user interface I use is blissfully ignorant of Vastu. I stood up, my eyes glazed with disillusionment. I walked towards the window. A spider. A small, miniscule spider, spinning what spiders usually spin. The only thought left in my vastu misaligned mind was a small hope that at least the spider save his web by adhering to the laws of vastu

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