Spatially, Temporally lost

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I woke up from my sleep inside the dream I had when I fell asleep inside the day dream I had when I woke up yesterday. How many times more do I have to “wake up” before I am back to reality?


6 responses to “Spatially, Temporally lost”

  1. Marc Avatar

    The need for break statements has never been greater.

  2. archonna Avatar

    NICE NICE … I like 🙂

  3. Lakshmi Avatar

    I know this is a really really late comment…. But couldn’t help wondering if a certain Mr Nolan co-incidentally happened to copy the concept.

  4. Innocent_Guy Avatar

    I can’t help thinking the same. Brilliant! Nolan stumbled upon this, I’m sure…

  5. Naughty-lus Avatar

    Dude, you should probably sue Nolan.

    1. Sandhya Avatar

      wasn’t it just meant to be a googly ? u woke up… basically u don’t need to wake up again to be back in reality !

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