Recursion. And how!

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Found this on reddit today:


This went into a neural infinite loop before something went “ding” and I got it. Brilliant. Not just the graffiti, but the human mind’s ability to accomodate infinite recursions and paradoxes.

Computers, ofcourse, are totally dumb. Here’s why:

if ( isTrue(statement) == TRUE ) believeIt();

function isTrue(statement)
if ( isTrue(statement) ) return TRUE


5 responses to “Recursion. And how!”

  1. Marc Avatar

    That’s why you have:


  2. mahendrap Avatar


    You must read Nigel Rees’ Graffiti books, by the way…

  3. bornagainblogger Avatar

    have you read Godel Escher Bach by D. Hofstadter? It deals with these issues.

  4. krishashok Avatar


    I am reading that for the second time now. I just love that book. You can see my reading list on the sidebar (under what I’m reading

  5. pinastro Avatar

    I found this really interesting and loved it….
    I really wish we mortals too can have the same sort of “inexplicable expressiveness”

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