Some Orkut some are bad

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While we are peacefully doing jalsa and indulging in wholesale jilpa in the quiet, seaside town of Chennai (which according to CNN-IBN is the ancient-palace filled capital of the Chettinaad empire), some storms seem to be brewing over Mumbai. And I am not referring to this year’s lazy-ass monsoon.

The Followers of the Marijuana God , The Holy Monkey Brigade  and other saffron-robed specimens with room temperature IQs (Thank you, Terry Pratchett) don’t like Orkut, because it has 500+ Pro Shivaji communities, 60+ Pro-Thackeray communities and precisely one anti-Thackeray community (Thanks to AjiNIMC’s excellent post )

Several smart people have made the necessary cogent arguments against these hooligans’ insistence on throwing the baby with the bathwater, such as here, here and here ), but no one seems to have noticed this:

Phanse said his group was developing a special software that Internet service providers could install to block any message containing certain words and phrases such as “I hate” or “I despise”.

Me dispieses sheev shena and h*te Bell Duggeray and think zhivaji wes nawt vary eroic. I now call upon all like minded individuals to join my community.

There. The room temperature must be pretty low in Dadar.

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6 responses to “Some Orkut some are bad”

  1. Jacob Avatar

    This is crazy, don’t they have anything better to do? Are they aware how many ‘I hate’ sites are there on Orkut? ‘I hate Orkut’ itself has over 100 groups.

  2. krishashok Avatar

    The last throes of a dying species – the great indian political lout. We will be home and dry once new born babies in remote villages have their own flickr stream.
    No wait. Is that too far away?

  3. Marc Avatar

    Orkut. Everyone typing in chatspeak with no punctuation hurts me. I can hardly understand them these days.

  4. FutilEpiphany Avatar

    I wonder if Shiv Sena can be considered a hate group itself? Its like the Nazi getting angry at someone hating against them…

  5. krishashok Avatar

    I suppose its a question of degree. Like
    “I dont like chocolate icecream” average guy
    “I hate chocolate icecream” religious but harmless nut
    “I will beat people who eat chocolate icecream” shiv sena
    “I will do bad things with blunt objects to people who like chocolate icecream” bajrang dal/islamic fundamentalists
    “I will use poison gas on people who like chocolate icecream (and their neighbours who may or may not like chocolate icecream, but are accused of being near somebody who does) and burn the lot” nazis/terrorists
    “I will nuke countries with people who like chocolate icecream” conservative americans
    and so on…

  6. hrangoli Avatar

    Hi this is hrangoli…
    And I am not referring to this year’s lazy-ass monsoon.

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