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Shiv Sena wants to block Orkut . Lots of companies block lots of sites based on extremely dubious reasoning and massively illogical approaches. Blogs. Yes. Some companies actually block all “blogs” because they are a security threat.  Instant Messaging is banned under the category of “Dating”. Podcasts are banned under the category of “mp3 sites”. Experts Exchange is blocked because it contains the word “sex” when you put it together.

A google search reveals that the word “blockhead” has 2 definitions.

The first one is “word used to express a low opinion of someone’s intelligence”. That is not the definition that I am going to be talking about as the people I am referring to are clearly people of unearthly intelligence.

The second definition is “Blockhead is the name of a theoretical computer system invented as part of a thought experiment by philosopher Ned Block, which argues that the internal mechanism of a system was important in determining whether that system was intelligent, and also to show that a non-intelligent system could pass the Turing Test.”

Lots of jargon. Exactly what I like. Applying the “gross simplification jilpa” filter, using the following transformations:

  • Turing Test : Basic test of intelligence in matters related censorship, blocking websites etc
  • non-intelligent system: most politicians,  corporate middle management

it becomes:

“There will always exist certain specimens in the corporate and political world who possess powers to pass judgement on matters that they dont entirely understand”

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6 responses to “Blockheads”

  1. Marc Avatar

    That makes me curious. What exactly is allowed in your workplace and what is banned? What can you get away with?

  2. asuph Avatar

    There is a difference, a very crucial one at that, between government banning something and companies banning something. With companies it’s they who’re paying for it, unlike government (which if anything is actually getting taxes from it). So even if it’s irrational, companies have a right to block anything and everything.

  3. Marc Avatar

    I agree.

    Many surveys that most employees waste time on the net anyway.

  4. krishashok Avatar

    The right of a company to block is not in question at all. The point is about the need to do so. The blocking policies of quite a few companies makes little or no sense. While clearly, youtube and personal email are bandiwdth drains, the logic doesnt extend to blogs, forums, and simplistic keyword filters

  5. asuph Avatar

    fairenuff. and yet, they pay for their logic or illogic (in terms of possible employee loss).

    the point being, when we compare these two in the same breath, we trivialize the immense “wrong” that the government is doing. that’s all. with the latter it’s not the logic that’s wrong.


  6. Nicaia Avatar

    Can’t believe I’m reading about Orkut, dammmnnnn!

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