Deccan, but they usually dont

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I am slowly getting sick of airports. I spent yet another day flying to the over-hyped pub city in the morning and hauling my posterior back to the overhot gub city in the evening. Oh well, for the Tamil illiterate, “gub” refers to the sensuous fragrance of the 2 mighty rivers of Chennai.

Since I was thankfully not flying Air Auto I had a chance to do a deep systems analysis of the daily delay patters of Air Deccan. It turns out that mosquitoes flapping their wings in Tahiti set off a series of chain reactions that result in air traffic congestion at Calcutta and pilot chest congestion at Vizag, which in turn delays the flight that needs to take off from Chennai to Delhi. It also turns out that the airline operates as a part-time casino. They play a mean game of roulette with passengers’ bags on the baggage carousel.

Leaving airports aside, I received an interesting sms from my youngest brother who is trying to get into the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Apparently, there is a notice in the canteen that reads – “Do not feed the cats. If it approaches your table, throw water on it. This is in the best interests of both you and the cats”. Other interesting trivia about TISS – they use WordArt. Yes. WordArt.

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2 responses to “Deccan, but they usually dont”

  1. Marc Avatar

    Makes you want to join TISS just to beat some sense into them, right?

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