Imagine v 1.01, circa 2007

Imagine there’s no mobile phones

C             C          Cmaj7        F

no horrendous ringtones too.

C             C          Cmaj7        F

No movie spoilt by incoming calls

C             C          Cmaj7        F

aint no personal loan offers too…

C             C          Cmaj7        F

Not that Mr Lennon would have approved, but then I dont want anybody’s phone ringing with a lame bollywood ringtone when I am watching the Bachelor of Social Service say “Rich getting richer, Poor getting poorer”.
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2 thoughts on “Imagine v 1.01, circa 2007

  1. Ou peut-on trouver la source exacte de cet article svp ? En tout cas, je vais revenir vous rendre visite très prochainement. A bientôt.

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