K as in California

I heard this true story a long while back. And I thought it could with a bit more jilpa. Indian trying to spell his name to Customer service rep over the phone in the US.

<some initial blather about the call being recorded for quality control purposes>

“This is Josh. May I have your name, Sir”


“Whaa? Could you spell that for me?”

<Mr K is very smart. He knows that Americans have problems even understanding the way we pronounce alphabets. So he uses all his USofA experience and gets quickly into “as in” model (because Tamil people are very familiar with the model Asin) >

“K as in California, A as in Alabama…..”

“Excuse me?What did you just say”

<Mr K’s mind works faster than Chacha Chaudhry>

“Oh..you want me to spell California. C as in Singularity…A as in Alabama…”

“No wait..not california. Your name”

“K as in California…”

<scene change. Fiction begins. 6 months later. Josh calls Dell customer service>

“This is Kurt. How may I help you”

“Yeah right. What’s your real Indian name?”

“Uh. Karuppiah..Can you give me your name sir so that I can pull up your record?”


“Could you spell that for me?”

“J as in Geography….”

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