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We ran into a strangely empty restaurant called Aiwo near the Nungambakkam Barista today.


The menu offered a choice between “Conveyor meal” and other a-la-carte items. Any restaurant menu that contains the word “conveyor” has got to be interesting. So we dived right in. In case you were wondering what meal on earth could arrive on a conveyor belt, here it is:


All seats in the restaurant flank the conveyor belt and meal consists of 15 numbered dishes that go round and round in small bowls. One can pick up as many dishes as one wants for Rs 199. The restaurant touts itself as a “health restaurant” and trust me, it is. All dishes are cooked in olive oil and the cuisine is delectably eclectic, with broccoli tikkas and chickpea cutlets on the one side and Soy payasam on the other. We even topped the meal off with an oxymoronic “sinless walnut brownie”.

The conveyor belt does offer several temptations to do mischief. A few large spoons of salt on dish number 14 – the Soy Paruppu while it makes it way to the table downstream was an activity I briefly considered but the wholesomeness of the food was cleansing my mind of all evil thoughts. I dug into my Millet rotis and Barley pulao instead.

A bit of advice. Don’t go there if you have just checked out of a concentration camp. It’s a place where one can enjoy truly tasty health food without feeling guilty about 4-digit calorie counts. It’s not Saravana Bhavan or Copper Chimney. Mouthwatering taste does not come without 500 calories of ghee, butter and sugar. Aiwo uses olive oil and Splenda. Keep that in mind.
But dont miss it.

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3 responses to “Soul Food”

  1. Karthik Krish Avatar
    Karthik Krish

    cool idea…

  2. mahendrap Avatar

    The conveyor belt concept is a very popular (and almost regular) one in Japan.

    Nice to see restaurants evolving in terms of both technology and health food!

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