You’ve retro-got mail

Apparently, some professor in the US has got funding to do research on sending messages back in time. I read about it in this excellent blog

I wonder what the implications are? What if the professor’s first message reads “This is how you send messages back in time……blah blah….just one other instruction. Please send this message back in time” to himself? Would’nt that be an interesting recursive loop?

I would like to do this. Send messages back to the past with instructions on how to create the internet. Follow that up with instructions on how to install WordPress. After that, a message to all the popular religious prohets (Sankara, Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus and the like) and ask them to “f***ing blog about their thoughts” and add their disciples to their blogroll.

Once some decent conversation, co-commenting and trackbacks happen, we will retro-have religion that is unlikely to be the unholy violent mess it is today.We will instead, have meaningful debate, unspoilt original quotes and the occasional google ad. Google analytics will measure popularity and membership and Technorati will determine religious authority. “Spirituality” will expand to include unkempt college kids with 300ml spirits in their left hand and a logitech mouse in their right hand. And oh, Vatsyayana will upload “his videos” to youtube.What do you think?

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