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It is explicitly stated that for the express benefit of “you” who will henceforth be referred to as the “reader”, that,  restaurant reviews will hereinafter be tagged sappaadu.

It is a sad sign of our times that we are losing the rain forests to global warming, wanton deforestation and thoughtless naming. I will be talking about the last one on that list. In Gandhi Nagar, near the Adyar signal, there exists a cave like restaurant that features several stuffed toys (monkeys, deer and snakes) hanging from its faux-rocky roof. Occasionally, somebody will press a button and some of the soft toys will start to twitch like suffering from an epileptic fit. And oh, there are 2 guys who roam around in an Osama suit and a cannibalistic monster suit respectively.

In short, the only connection this place has with its theme is the artificial rain soundtrack that they play in the background.

The food, on the other hand, is pretty good. Large sized portions and a fair bit of variety on the menu. I considered the “Sizzling Panner” for a moment, but decided to ignore it and punish them for their careless spelling instead. I had instead, a suitably creamy baked vegetable au-gratin (pronounced “oggradin” by the waiter) and a wicked looking crispy fried baby corn and mushroom.

7/11 (yeah. Im strictly anti-decimal)  for the food and -4/13 (I am also triskaidekaphillic) for the ambience. If a restaurant is named “Rainforest”, I expect, at the least, robotic creepy crawlies, 3 foot soft toy centipedes and fish tanks with piranhas. The waiters must also be dressed like poison-dart frogs



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6 responses to “Rain Forest”

  1. td Avatar

    Hi Krish,

    Sounds like a must-visit place; how is the rest of the food – main course, desserts etc? Any special recommendations [veg]?

    BTW, adding the map to the review is a nice touch; particularly, for directionally challenged folks like me [it helps!].

    My first time here; just going through the archives.


  2. krishashok Avatar

    Hi td,

    The food is pretty good, and reasonably priced. I mostly tried out the continental fare, as I was a little bored of the standard naan, subji, biriyani routine.

    So from my limited experience, I recommend the Panneer Shashlik, Crispy fried Mushroom& Baby corn and the Tandoori Aloo gobi. The Spinch and corn bake is pretty good as well.

    From other people who have tried this place, the veg biriyani is also recommended.

  3. greatunknown Avatar

    Hey there krish!
    Thanks for leaving your comments on my blog. I apologise for getting onto yours so late. Well, blame the telecom department for that!
    Your blog looks promising which means I’ll be visiting often. But right now, it’s bedtime.
    Take care.

  4. shash Avatar

    saapadu raama, onn kaatu la mazhe illa pola 😛
    glad that you did not venture into a shark dwelling aquarium and made yourself the tagged subject of their blogs..

    bon appétit

  5. td Avatar

    yum – the weekend is so very far off!

  6. Narsi Avatar

    You have a great blog. Excellent humor and nice narrative throughout. 🙂

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