Madrasi Machi

A small checklist for the fair brethren who live north of the Vindhyas

1. Abe tu south ka hai? Tu tho Northie diktha hai.

Melanin deprived people do exist in the South as well.

2. Abe tum logon ke heroines moti hothi hai yaar.

Yes. They tend to be normal, pleasant women who lead normal lives and eat like normal human beings do. When we do feel like watching expressionless bimbos dance item numbers, Tamil directors import maal from the North. Its called cultural exchange.

3. Abe tum log roz idli dosa khathe ho?

No. Normally the batter used to make idlis takes a day or so to become “Dosa” ready. So it’s very unlikely that we eat both idli and dosa on the same day at home.

4. Yaar. Madrasi bolke dikha

Saroja Samaan Nikaalo.

5. Yaar. Tum log Hindi kyoon nahin bolte ho

Because the following sentence cannot be translated into Hindi.

Gumtha lakara gumma, idhu vangi kada summa

So we find it semantically and expressively limiting.

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