The Great Indian Pressure Cycle

Give birth to a boy. Give birth to a boy. Give birth to a boy.
Eat. Eat. Eat.
Don’t touch that. Don’t do this.
Study well. Don’t play.
Study Engineering or Medicine
Go abroad. Go abroad.
Don’t get distracted by foreign girls.
Marry this girl. Marry this girl.
Make her pregnant. Make her pregnant.
Give birth to a boy. Give birth to a boy. Give birth to a boy.

repeat ad infinitum.

In India, home of the species, Homo Unsapiens Indica, the girl carries the Y chromosome. The boy carries nothing. He gets the girl to do most of the carrying.

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8 thoughts on “The Great Indian Pressure Cycle

  1. Homo Unsapiens Indica..haha
    This indica is female!

    The patriarchal society wants a boy to continue the trend of male-identified and male-dominated society.. bah!

    Your short and sweet post speaks volumes. I reached here from your last interesting post on Diwali. 🙂

  2. Hey! read about ur blogs in JAM – n for the lack of anything 2 do post lunch, googled ur name in office today… itz almost time 2 go home n m still reading.. great stuff. keep going. so long

  3. Hi! got back to read your earlier and latest posts only today, since reading about the Lankan trip. Still going despite one solid hour of browsing….solid stuff mann!

  4. mamee: are you married?
    mamee asks 10yrs later: anychildren?
    mamee asks 20 yrs later: Are your children married?
    mamee asks 30 yrs later: Do your children have any children?
    mamee asks 40 years later (assuming mamee is fit and fine minus Alzhemiers)……Are your children’s children maried…….. is a vicious cycle…..neverending vicious cycle…..

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