Soap serial concepts #1

Every relative I know seems to watching multiple soap serials at the same time. I am not impressed with their plot lines. I would like my grandmothers to be watching serials with contemporary plots such as these:

Concept #1

Husband Gopu working in IT company falls in love with internet chat partner he found on Orkut, which he accessed despite the site being blocked by his company firewall. He gets special access because, the firewall administrator lady turns out to be a secret admirer of the husband, and was once spurned by his wife’s brother who found the husband Gopu on Page 4 of the Hindu Matrimonials supplement (Vadama section, to be precise). Further confusion – internet chat partner turns out a guy in e-disguise, who also loves the firewall administrator in secret. Climax episode is completely shot as a series of suspenseful sms messages being sent to each other by the various parties. The protagonists give up material life as soon as they realize that they cannot fathom the cosmic complexity of their Airtel mobile bills and settle down in the himalayas and found a back-pain yoga cure center for IT professionals. ……

Concept #2

Rivalry between 2 washerman gangs in Washermanpet. One gang uses front-loading washing machines and the other uses top-loading. Daughter of Rin Ranga, Ariel Azhagurani falls in love with daughter of Surf Sundaram, Tide Tamizharasi. War breaks out. Washermanpet drowns in soap foam and reeks of unwashed clothes as the 2 mob leaders refuse to yield. AA hires local Nadaswaram Hip Hop band and serenades TT with a pounding gaana song while she is drying Karuvaadu (fish) on her balcony. They are spotted by Rin Ranga, who screams and suffers from a slipped disc. In this moment of tragedy, the warring factions unite and take Ranga to the Gopu back-pain yoga cure center, where they meet the chief – Orkut Gopanandji Swamiji who refuses to treat Ranga as he is not an IT professional. Climax scene – It is revealed that Rin Ranga’s twin brother, who was separated at birth, is the girl-masquerading internet chat partner of the former Gopu….

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20 thoughts on “Soap serial concepts #1

  1. I can just see 50 odd producers running to the Assosciatin of Indian Producers with hastily printed out copies of this webpage (with various elements that identify the idea being as anybody elses but thier own obfuscated by an age old high tech method called photocopy-shopping (where they photocopy only the idea with strategically placed pieces of paper on the glass to get rid of surrounding commentary). Luckily for us, most Indian TV and film producers haven’t figured out that this is a place to scour for ideas. But that’s why I’m here! MUA HA HA HA HA!

    No, seriously, dude, this is way funny, where do you live, how can i get in touch without putting my details up for public consuption?

    Will check back here.


  2. As good as these ideas are, they cann’t be put into practice till you come up with long titles for the serials. Starting with K, of course.

    (I think I went to school with you, by the way)

  3. Hindi titles aside, can we see some ingenious tamizh titles for the soaps, please?

    ” Concepts 1 & 2″ just doesn’t cut it, you know?

  4. @megha,

    My tamil vocabulary has taken an extended vacation and has not reported back to work yet. For now,

    Concept #2 – Lalaakku Dol Dhobi or Vannaarapettai Louse Kadhai

  5. This Blog is not at all recommended for IT software professionals who have to keep all screens except a word/excel…minimised. You will end up in peels of laughter and your company will be forced to set up a blog blocking firewall

  6. hi ashok. im a regular reader of urs. Im suprised u dint notice it b4. “Daughter of Rin Ranga, Ariel Azhagurani falls in love with daughter of Surf Sundaram, Tide Tamizharasi.” was that on purpose?
    else i jus loved this piece. 😀

  7. and another request for ur “filmy” section…
    how abt a review of the movie Sakkarakatti..
    im sorry coz as a fan i shouldn’t ask u to undergo such torture to post that review. but whatsoever i want my revenge on kalaprabhu who took my wits on a ride for 3 hrs.

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