The Blogosmriti

Thus did the Google God, Discoverer of all things in the world wide web decree to the Lord Protector of the Blogosphere, Technorati.

The time is nigh that thy compose the Blogosmriti, the supreme manuscript that lays down the laws of the Blogosphere

The Lord Technorati sought out his minion, Count WordPress, the Overseer of 400,000 blogs and more, and beseeched him to host the manuscript on his domain.

Count WordPress sought out a miniscule minion from his keep, Krish Ashok, to perform the role of scribe.

Thus it was written.

Thou shalt post only when thou hast something to say.

When thou hast nothing to say, thou shalt link to interesting posts from other bloggers and ride the wave.

Thou shalt respond to all comments made by bloggers of caste equal or higher to you.

What is the Threefold Blog Varna (Caste) system, thou asketh? Lord Technorati decrees that those with authority greater than 100 shall occupy the highermost seat of this pyramid and are referred to by the name Blogebrity.

Those with no authority, the basest of the base, shall be termed Blogdras and shall be relegated to that god-forsaken hell of the Blogosphere, the Google secondary index.

Those with miniscule authority are termed Blogger and shall dutifully discharge their duties of adding Blogebrities to their blogroll.

Thou shalt not stare at thine Blogstats all day.

Thou shalt mandatorily add fellow blogosphere citizens who add you to their blogroll,  to your blogroll, IF they are of caste equal to or above you.

Thou shalt not post comments anonymously, unless absolutely necessary

Thou shalt not pimp Lord Technorati by the unethical use of his tags.

Thou shalt make every endeavour to do a favour to thine saner readers and moderate comments filled with mindless profanities.

Thou shalt strive not to have a final say in all your posts. Thou shalt invite the crowd to have it’s say and add its infinite wisdom to your post.

And thus did the scribe stop and look towards the citizens of the blogosphere and invite them to complete the Blogosmriti, for nothing here, even supreme law, is authored by a single blogger.

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