Eye See Eye See Blood

I don’t want Shreya wallpapers or ringtones from Sivaji for my mobile phone. I also don’t want personal loans of any size, shape and currency. I am also completely uninterested in health insurance.

But ICICI, ABN AMRO, HDFC, HSBC and Airtel just don’t seem to get it.

I could spam them from their “email us” link but I won’t do that because Gandhi told us that an eye for an eye will leave us with two eyes. I could tell their call center “Hold one second” and put the phone next to a speaker playing “You are my Chikken Fraii”, but I won’t do that because Bappi Lahiri’s music does not deserve to be trivialized thus. I could also tell them “I don’t want a personal loan, but I know somebody who does” and pass the phone to the beggar who operates outside the temple in Besant Nagar, but that would be a complete waste of the beggar’s time.

But now, I hear that some recovery goons from ICICI beat up a loan-defaulter to death. That is not funny.

ICICI, I am done with you. I tolerated your spam, but this is blood. I am going to stop using your card till my balance is cleared and then, I am going to cancel it.

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