Eye See Eye See Blood

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I don’t want Shreya wallpapers or ringtones from Sivaji for my mobile phone. I also don’t want personal loans of any size, shape and currency. I am also completely uninterested in health insurance.

But ICICI, ABN AMRO, HDFC, HSBC and Airtel just don’t seem to get it.

I could spam them from their “email us” link but I won’t do that because Gandhi told us that an eye for an eye will leave us with two eyes. I could tell their call center “Hold one second” and put the phone next to a speaker playing “You are my Chikken Fraii”, but I won’t do that because Bappi Lahiri’s music does not deserve to be trivialized thus. I could also tell them “I don’t want a personal loan, but I know somebody who does” and pass the phone to the beggar who operates outside the temple in Besant Nagar, but that would be a complete waste of the beggar’s time.

But now, I hear that some recovery goons from ICICI beat up a loan-defaulter to death. That is not funny.

ICICI, I am done with you. I tolerated your spam, but this is blood. I am going to stop using your card till my balance is cleared and then, I am going to cancel it.

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6 responses to “Eye See Eye See Blood”

  1. root3 Avatar

    kish, isnt there some way to stop them? im with hutch and they never cease to remind me of the irritating little dog that has to follow me to the loo…
    what is rajni’s name in sivaji? answer and win a honda city…

    a call in the middle of a meeting- to get an ivrs “press 1 for dollu dollu, 2 for vaaji vaaji, 3 for bleddy bullsheet…”

    and yeah, thank you hutch, for acting as my biz card distributor and passing on my number to anybody with a pjhone, and without a job!

    i tried the do not disturb feature… not happening!!:((

  2. Strider Avatar

    Ha ha.. Useful ways to counter the tele-spam!

    I get such calls too.. in fact more calls than the average joe… thanks to a friend who dutifully passes my no to everywhich bank/mutual fund/life insurance ‘s eager salesman!

  3. krishashok Avatar

    An update: I called Airtel and told them to stop sending me smses. The call center robot mumbled “Ok saar. we will disable sms with 24 hours”. On me repeating the “Shreya” part, he said – “Oh. Service SMS”. I presumed that was jargon for Shreya wallpapers and Sivaji ringtones. Anyway, he promised to deactivate the spamming within 24 hours. So far, so good

  4. Nikhil Narayanan Avatar

    Nothing like this.
    Trust me it works.



  5. satya_paul Avatar

    I have a feeling the employees of the Tel-Mkting that call us are a frustrated lot already.
    So, I usually do one of the following based on previous experience with them: (Do not call registry some times doesn’t seem to work)

    1. ask who they want to speak with and respond saying that the person they are asking for is not available.

    2. Answer and then hang up instantaneously.

    3. Never answer based on the caller ID.

    4. If I am in a good mood, then I blame it on the recession and that I am broke.

    5. Depeding on mood – “Sorry, Need to run, I am late for an appointment..Bye”. Hang up.

    But for goon(da)s – meanwhile any one like the the deceased customer, they should lodge an FIR saying their life is in danger from XYZ. If it helps. Sadly cynical though.

  6. dipika Avatar

    lot of people sympathise with those callers and like to say … step into that poor sod’s shoe, it’s his job and stuff…. but then when we get the call while we are sound asleep, i don’t think just murdering is enough

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