Mr Michael Moore is ignoring my country

I recently saw Sicko, by Michael Moore and I was completely appalled by his assertion that France and Britain have really good universal health care.

Mr Moore, my indian blood is boiling to 488.3 degrees celsius at your complete and utter ignorance of the universalness of Indian healthcare. While France seems to make do with just Allopathy, India offers Homoeopathy, Siddha, Ayurveda, Neemveda (shaking neem leaves to scare bacteria away) and Chantveda (the scientific use of proper sanksrit pronunciation to make viruses obey).


Do the french have a clue about the vicious tricks played by gas? Do the french understand the rare disease contracted by the soliders who ate eggs at Iwo Jima? And can the French ger childrens for people who become marriage? We even cut costs by dispensing with the whole pathology thingie. Our doctors simply check pulse (and occasionally even pulese) and dole out da drugs.

Mr Moore, India dekho aur Sicko.

ps: Thanks to Sangeetha, my sis-in-law, for the image.

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