Mr Michael Moore is ignoring my country

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I recently saw Sicko, by Michael Moore and I was completely appalled by his assertion that France and Britain have really good universal health care.

Mr Moore, my indian blood is boiling to 488.3 degrees celsius at your complete and utter ignorance of the universalness of Indian healthcare. While France seems to make do with just Allopathy, India offers Homoeopathy, Siddha, Ayurveda, Neemveda (shaking neem leaves to scare bacteria away) and Chantveda (the scientific use of proper sanksrit pronunciation to make viruses obey).


Do the french have a clue about the vicious tricks played by gas? Do the french understand the rare disease contracted by the soliders who ate eggs at Iwo Jima? And can the French ger childrens for people who become marriage? We even cut costs by dispensing with the whole pathology thingie. Our doctors simply check pulse (and occasionally even pulese) and dole out da drugs.

Mr Moore, India dekho aur Sicko.

ps: Thanks to Sangeetha, my sis-in-law, for the image.

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16 responses to “Mr Michael Moore is ignoring my country”

  1. Bikerdude Avatar

    LMAO! Oh my god Boss I love your blog!!

  2. Satyaprakash Avatar

    Phew!!! jabardast!!!!

    kummmei krish

  3. root3 Avatar

    šŸ™‚ too much!

  4. mahendrap Avatar

    You won’t get many comments if you leave everyone ROTFL…:-)

    Shankroid? Now, what’s that?! Did Lord Shankar get typhoid?

  5. Rambodoc Avatar

    That is a ‘roid (like a hemorrhoid) in the shank!
    It actually is chancroid, a sexually transmitted disease.
    Ashok, great blog (thanks to M’s Unquiet mind)! I am amazed to see how much of brainwatts glow in this Blogjagat.
    BTW, I welcome you to comment on my article on Universal Health Care in my blog: Your blog is now going to be one of my fave haunts: I am sorry for you! šŸ˜‰

  6. krishashok Avatar


    Thank you. And oh, Lord Shankar does have a bit of a “neck” condition with that snake poison drinking exploit of his during the ocean churning episode


    ‘Tis a honour sir. Thank you

  7. Chacko Avatar

    Lol! this is just too much!

  8. krishashok Avatar

    Thank you šŸ™‚

  9. Amused Avatar

    Hehe..gas trick indeed šŸ˜€ ..i’m currently reading ur blog backwards(being a new fan of ur blog and all)..this post had me ROFLMAO !

  10. DenialRevisited Avatar

    LMAO This has to be the most humorous Indian blog!

  11. Saad Akhtar Avatar

    These are not the ‘roids we are looking for…

  12. Venkatesh Acharya Avatar
    Venkatesh Acharya

    Krish anna,

    Michael moore is busy with his new film, Capitalism: A new love story.. Nevertheless we will make him read this šŸ™‚

    Good post btw, and ofcourse entertaining pic!

  13. purplesque Avatar

    LOL. Priceless, this one.

  14. Pranav Avatar

    lmao!gr8 post

  15. Dr. ankit Madharia Avatar
    Dr. ankit Madharia

    nice post, but india still needs to develop much in field of health care. Our government hospitals do not have the required facilities to treat the people, i have worked in one and i really think we need much more funding to provide the care. Definitely, no one wants to go to these hospitals if they can get better facilities in a private hospital at little extra cost.

  16. Geera Avatar

    Having seen the NHS (UK) from three sides ( physician, patient and friend of patients) I can assuredly state that the NHS is appaling in terms of chronic and sub-acute illnesses. If you have a life threatening acute illness, you will likely get the best care in the world. Anything else you will be on the waitlist for so long that you will either 1. Die 2. Have an acute turn of events or 3. Go abroad as a medical tourist! And they suck re: tropical diseases..I know friends who nearly ended by paralysed thanks to poor experience of the physicians looking after them. The only reason they didn’t was they used their own knowledge of medicine to seek treatment elsewhere (they were all physicians, of course as for some reason physicians tend to have mainly physician friends)…India is the best in private healthcare if 1. You know the right doctors to contact 2. Have some background medical knowledge and 3. Importantly, have a close family member whom you can ask for recommendations as well as name-drop in appointments. There are a number of doctors in Chennai who practice medicine ethically. You just have to find the right one…

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