The Neighbour’s Labrador

Our neighbour owns a labrador that’s inappropriately named Leo. Drool or or a more tamizh-like “Jollu” would have fit him better. He is a hyperactive saliva production machine and a serious flood threat to the neighbourhood.

The sad thing is that his owners keep him tied up with a rope whose length is comparable to the microscopic distances that trigger nuclear fusion. All day long. He spends the entire day giving those sad, plaintive looks only Labradors can, at everybody who passes by. When he barks, the subtitles read “Please take me out for a walk”.

So we decided to do this good samaritan thing by taking him out for walks in the night. Just one problem. He chooses to express his gratitude by an aggressive and lavish application (by a combination of snorting, drooling and spurting)  of digestive enzymes. He also pulls on his leash with forces that threaten to violate Newton’s third law. And he does not like being tied back at the end of the walk.


9 thoughts on “The Neighbour’s Labrador

  1. Your tag for this post particularly warmed my heart. Miyazaki’s movies are my excuses for tripping into non-adult land, at least for the duration of his films. Heh.

    (I just realized that this comment had nothing to do with the post itself. Go figure.)

  2. Labs are such adorable pets..and I read somewhere that compared to most other dogs, Labs are ones that need the most human attention and interaction..else they even cry it seems! 😦

  3. @megha,

    My neighbour Totoro is my personal favourite, although I also like Nausicaa and Spirited Away. The totoros are brilliantly drawn and the Cat Bus is just incredible.

  4. “He spends the entire day giving those sad, plaintive looks only Labradors can, at everybody who passes by…”

    Aww !! So Cute to even read !!

  5. Well thats as good as describing my dog.. save that we never tie him, it is him who decides whether or not he is to be on the leash. Invariably this ends up in us scouting the entire neighborhood for him, till he decides otherwise.

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