Saree state of affairs

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Took my wife out for saree shopping today. I know. I know. Well-worn cliches come to mind. So i’ll not give them too much

A guy’s saree shopping philosophy is generally

“Enter, pick, buy, all in 10 minutes or less”

while a girl’s method is

While (anyShopsLeftInCity() )

But since I am a good, understanding husband and all, I vowed to keep quiet and not make subtle hints about the upcoming ice age or remark about how the shop walls were geologically changing from igneous to sedimentary rocks. The first “Hmm..looks nice” saree arrived about 10 minutes after we stepped in. Pleasant surprise. I sagely offered my agreement to the choice. The saree was absolutely drop dead, mindblowingly and aesthetically gorgeous, which is obviously a cue for her to say “Do you have more colours in this pattern?”

She did not. 5 minutes later, we were done. We had visited one shop, saw less than 10 sarees, and actually bought one in under 20 minutes. Cliches, as the saying goes, aren’t worth their weight in lithium (leave alone gold)


4 responses to “Saree state of affairs”

  1. Marc Avatar

    Maybe she was just messing with you… 😛

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  4. Sunny Avatar

    Great story, your post was featured in SareeDreams.

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