Carnatic Transmusication?

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The weekend usually offers me a liberation from the tyranny of type, a way to express myself on my blog, that doesn’t involve a computer keyboard. But since sarees had to be bought, weddings had to be attended, and battles were being fought in the kingdom of Duodenalia, it wasn’t until Sunday evening that I finally got down to pulling some strings.

Last week, Tiago Roger, Composer Extraordinaire of the East India Company turned out to be moderately popular and it’s only fair that my blog’s patient readers must be forced to endure an actual instrumental interpretation of his smash hit “Chuck Any Roger”. The intent is to try and imagine how a bunch of East India company musicologists will interpret Carnatic music.

So the conversation at Fort St George, circa 1690,

Chap with Powdered Wig holding violin: Say old chap, what does this “Aller Panner” thing mean? Do you think it refers to our good old Adagio?

Chap with Powdered Wig holding baton: I suppose so.

Chap with Powdered Wig holding violin: And what about the verse? Seems a nifty little allegro, don’t you think? Some string ensemble to pep it up a little bit perhaps?

Chap with Powdered Wig holding baton: Hmm. Why not?

Violin: Cough, cough.. Me.

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5 responses to “Carnatic Transmusication?”

  1. Priya Avatar

    I dont know the intricacies of Carnatic music (inspite of the fact that I learnt to play the veena for around a year before giving up citing 10th std exams and what not), but that violin playing was just top notch! bravo!

  2. krishashok Avatar


    (Violin in left hand, bow in right hand, puts left leg slightly in front of right leg and bows slightly)

    Thank you

  3. Marc Avatar

    If all rights are reversed then will I be responsible for you making copies of the audio?

    The embedded element looks lovely. How’d you do that?

  4. krishashok Avatar

    No. If rights are reversed, you will be culpable if you do not make copies.
    The embdedded element is a new feature they have enabled. All it takes is a simple [audio mp3url] tag inside your post. But you might need to check for a plugin in the downloaded version. You can also use or esnips widgets but none have the elegant simplicity of this one.

  5. Prathima Avatar

    File not found for both the audios! Heeeeeeeellllllllllllppppppp!!!!

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