Battlestar Gastrica

The Battle

The alien spaceships landed in the fortress city of Gastrica, unleashing violence on a scale unknown to the peaceful kingdom of Duodenalia, the earth is rocked by the wicked use of bile launchers, poison gases and the insidious rockets flatulentia. The battle has continued unabated for the last 12 hours. While the resistance from the fortress city has been uncoordinated in the beginning, they seem to have got their act together as the battle reaches its zenith in terms of the destructive use of chemical weapons.


My stomach

The future

The peacekeeping force, lead by Gen Digene and Corp Black-T, has been late in arriving and one wonders if they too will join the fighting instead of stopping it.

ps: invading armies possibly from the 400,000 dishes in 0.000002 kg quantities at yesterday’s wedding.