Imagine this scene. A group of walking trees, each one looking somewhat like this


They lumber (he he) towards a shrine of sorts. A gigantic ancient fossilized banyan tree actually. The home of their god, Kloro Philo, the giver of shade and knowledge alike. Since it is customary to make offerings to the deity when one visits a temple, the trees first seek out their God’s favourite offering. Flowers. They go over to the nearest human settlement and carefully and deliberately remove reproductive organs from men and women alike, place them in a large bowl made of dragon bone and chant deep, bassy, tree-like verses as they place their offerings at the roots of the the great Kloro Philo. Today also happens to be the wedding of Elm Ezhumalai and Teak Thangadurai and their wedding podium is flanked by 4 dead men, placed standing on the 4 corners of the podium, hands raised up.

“Now, that is an unfair, sensationalist and illogical comparison. And 4 dead men standing with arms raised up is not quite the same thing as 4 young banana plants. And reproductive organs? Sheesh! ” shrieks the left side of my brain

“Why so? Flowers are the reproductive organs of a plant, aren’t they?”, wonders the right side of the brain.

“Let’s ask the blogosphere”, offers the Corpus Callosum.