Yen Gay Yo Poet Ale

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I just have to mention this. Between Vasoo and Munimma, they have composed quiet the best transliterated carnatic song so far:

Mom Away to see Saras Watty (x2) (Maamavathu Shree Saraswathi)

Calm a coat tip eat and he was in. Eeeee! (Kaamakoti Peeta nivaasini)

Bravo and hats off .

Credits to Bikerdude  for the title (English meaning – You have reached somewhere far away)


9 responses to “Yen Gay Yo Poet Ale”

  1. Priya Avatar

    In the veil yatch keen never lie.. never mind, I meant ‘indha velayatukku naan varalai’

    ok fine, I’m not as good as you guys are, but I’m getting somewhere no? :-\

  2. Bikerdude Avatar

    Competisonaa? OK here is hummmmble contribusan:

    Bun tour eat he coal who, we ear why ear ram ah!
    Toon toe wind tea war knee mode align name ah tar
    Tool a port tea nail ah! Cool a jay you knee jaw.

    And here is something more contemporary:

    Ooh ye ray. ooh ye ray. Van do yen node duke all and do we do.
    Knee love, aye. Knee love, aye. End done end joe duke all and dew we dew.

  3. krishashok Avatar


    Nice attempt. A little better would have been
    In the well a yatch cool nun were a lie?


    If there ever was a “Compendium of Ye Quainte Olde Tameel Hymnse” published by the Brits, you would have been the chief compendiumer. We salute thee. Knee Love, aye indeed! ROFL

  4. Priya Avatar

    nice attempt, my foot.. darn, I can never be British now! 😦

  5. Pooh Avatar

    Congrats! you have been tagged for the thinking blogger award

  6. krishashok Avatar


    Wha. me? eh? Blogger – yes, but thinking?
    I use this as an outlet for my non-thinking neurons. The ones that think usually don’t do anything useful. For that matter, neither do the non-thinking ones, but, well, um. er..I think Im supposed to say Thank you at this point.

  7. Satyaprakash Avatar

    LOL …. kudos to the non functional neurons krish…..keeps the rest of the homo unsapiens alive


  8. Spacejunk Avatar

    Though this song is not Carnatic, its Susheela Raman trademark…

    Yeh May Rah The Wanna Pun Hay
    Yamaha Butt Ka Sur ‘roo

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