When I speak, simply vibrating no?


It was starting to get a little embarrassing. Almost everybody I knew had made the pilgrimage. So while all the North Indians in Chennai were busy watching the Moviee, I decided to watch the one with one less “E” and a whole lot more style.

Warning: Movie spoilers ahead

I had an experience today. There is the style, the humility, the songs, the punch dialogues, the comedy and the “S” factor, that convinces an entire state to indulge in a thoroughly enjoyable suspension of disbelief for 150 minutes.

I wasn’t expecting Big B’s gravitas and Kamalhassan’s histrionics. I was expecting the Boss. I felt the collective exhilaration as the theatre erupted on seeing the Thalaivar’s feet stepping out the police vehicle. I laughed with the audience at the entire fair and lovely parody of our silly obsession with skin colour. The pop culture references to his earlier movies and MGR and Sivaji were spot on. The fight scenes were surreal. The song sequences were mindblowing. And what can I say about Mottai Boss? Thalaivaaaaaaa. Sooper. Mottai Boss is, for me, a cult icon. When he walks, I hear pounding Tamil hip hop in the background. When he talks, the earth shakes.

Yeah yeah. The screenplay was corny, the centerfresh bubble gum trick was overused and the storyline was questionable. So? When I can have dialogues such as these, I really don’t care.

Rich getting richer, Poor getting poorer.
If you cross Chittoor, you will get Katpadi. If you cross Sivaji, you will get dead body.
Pigs come in groups. Lions come single.
BOSS – Bachelor of Social Service

Final Verdict: This is not a review. Experiences cannot be “reviewed” and dropped into mundane buckets labeled “good” or “bad”. Sivaji is like the rain. Some people will throw their silly umbrellas and start dancing. Some will put on stuffy raincoats and curse. I danced today.