Jolly K Beach eh?

Every time I see the news, I am informed that India is rising in the world. Our IT is complicating everybody’s life in the west, our food is fast eroding European stomach walls and Bollywood is permeating American culture like never before. In fact, Bosco and Caesar, popular choreographers who make a lot of people on screen thrust pelvises at us every day, have gone international.

But I don’t buy this premature hype. A few jhatkas, tikkas and servlets do not an invasion make.

A true invasion by India will make West Texas oil drillers eat curd rice for lunch. The members of the House of Lords will start throwing microphones at each other. Hollywood will remake Veerasamy as “The Bold God” (see review here ) and more importantly, the heavy metal band The Villian will pay tribute to Bollywood’s finest creation of all time.

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When this happens, I will agree that India has arrived.