Jolly K Beach eh?

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Every time I see the news, I am informed that India is rising in the world. Our IT is complicating everybody’s life in the west, our food is fast eroding European stomach walls and Bollywood is permeating American culture like never before. In fact, Bosco and Caesar, popular choreographers who make a lot of people on screen thrust pelvises at us every day, have gone international.

But I don’t buy this premature hype. A few jhatkas, tikkas and servlets do not an invasion make.

A true invasion by India will make West Texas oil drillers eat curd rice for lunch. The members of the House of Lords will start throwing microphones at each other. Hollywood will remake Veerasamy as “The Bold God” (see review here ) and more importantly, the heavy metal band The Villian will pay tribute to Bollywood’s finest creation of all time.

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When this happens, I will agree that India has arrived.


13 responses to “Jolly K Beach eh?”

  1. Priya Avatar

    very true. I, for one, won’t agree that India has ‘arrived’ till Shakira does her arangetram and Eminem can sing ‘Nagumomu’ 🙂

    1. Prathima Avatar

      I am enjoying reading your write-ups. They are so hilarious. The way you play with words is so refreshingly funny inspite of many of the Tamil phrases I cannot understand being a non-Tamilian.

      I enjoyed reading the Chinese food write-up as well. I liked the 5 categories of Chinese food which includes Indian…. ROFL….. I live in Singapore and there are restaurants here which boast of Indo-Chinese Food. Plus so many food shops selling Chinese food. Yes, it’s true I have seen the food streets in China (both big cities and smaller towns) and it’s very interesting to see what all is consumed in the name of food. Boy! Do I have a tough time being a South Indian Vegetarian! 🙂

      I like the remarks on the nomenclature of scatter plots, the one on i squared equal to being minus 1 for geeks and the write-up on CBSE. My nephew is studying under ICSE scheme and every time I ask him a question there is a ‘this-is-what-is-said-in-the-book-and-you-go-jump’ tone to his answer. 🙂
      From now on, I will be a regular visitor to your blog, thanks to Melvin Durai posting a link to your article in FB. 🙂

    2. Prathima Avatar

      Shakira’s arangetram!! OMG!! That would be a runaway success indeed! And Eminem singing Nagumomu….. Unimaginable!!! 🙂

  2. Rambodoc Avatar

    The real test would be if the West could become as puritanical as us in regard to sex (including education, condoms, etc, etc…). And a few other topics, but that would make this political, right?

  3. krishashok Avatar

    Parts of the west are already fairly puritanical, aren’t they? Especially some of the red state crowd.

  4. Vasoo Avatar

    Yeah i do agree; there is a lot of hype being made about how Indian things/culture is invading west-no doubt there is an impact.
    The moot point – their’s is a society formed on a culture and beliefs different from our own(there could be some similarities though)-no doubt thay will take things which are good from us and incorporate it into their culture – like the US patented “artistic yoga”.

    May be as an economy we may rise- but as a society will we or are we making the right moves towards that direction? need to wait and see – for example, the indian (even the educated ones) social behaviour in public places leaves much to one’s imagination.

  5. Ananth Prashanth Avatar

    Isnt it fun to see Taco Bell selling Idly Vada or Poore Sagoo :-)….funny one – someone told me that he wont move to the west till $ = INR. well, whats the need to go there then????

  6. Rambodoc Avatar

    Yes, if you look at how the US politicians are regarded by the voting classes, it is actually hilarious and farcical.

  7. nitin Avatar

    This media has no other work than to portray india as the one country to take on the western culture..

    why the hell we shud take them over..there culture is good in their place and ours in our place.

    Infact ..we are copying the western culture..did we hear news that indians are having Burger for lunch and dinner in the west media…are they boasting such things as their supremacy over india..?

    Why indians are so obessed to show their greatness…really not needed…

    that only shows our 3rd grade nature…my personal opinion…no offence meant…

  8. krishashok Avatar

    ofcourse. that’s why this is a parody of that obsession 🙂 Why else would you think I would go to the extent of composing a heavy metal version of Choli ke Peeche? 🙂

  9. aarabik Avatar

    lol! sweet jesus! YOU have arrived. The paambu paatu in hard rock! did you play that??? some serious mind blowing sh*t.

    i think it’s going to take a revolution to make them appreciate the true beauty of thair saadam.
    they love their pseudo too much. pseudo italian, pseudo french, pseudo indian and they’re happy.

  10. aarabik Avatar

    oooh! it’s choli ke peeche! sorry!

    hummbly offering proffuse abologies for utter lack of musical sense

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