Microhistorical Megapistha

I am announcing the results of the Microhistory contest. The final judgement was arrived at using an industry standard jilpa methodology called the scatter map. The nomenclature, I believe, has origins in the nature of the brains that came up with this diagram.

The submissions were categorized into 4 taxonomically robust categories and were plotted. The Tamil challenged populace should refer to The Reference with a Capital R to clarify technical terms used in the map. Click here for a larger version of the scatter map. I used gliffy to draw this.


Once this was done, I had a conference with Chennai’s most discerning citizens – the crows that come to food-test the daily fare at home. And after some lengthy deliberations, they have made their choice.


When the State withered awayโ€ฆ.โ€And at the end there was Google.โ€

ps: Please email me your address so that Himesh can rawk your life.

Other honorable mentions.

A mammal debating its own existence while undergoing natural selection by Karthik.

We come, we see, we try to live, we die by Priya