More Colours Availablaa?

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“Good morning Sundari. How are you. Fine aa?”
“I am very fine thank you Gopika. You look very nice ya!!”
“Oh. Chumma don’t flatter and all. The mulberry leaves are very tasty today no?”
“Exact same thing only I was thinking now dee. May you live 100 days. Very tasty no?”
“Must be the monsoon rain dee.”
“Anyway, when are you going inside Gopika?”
(Blushing deep green) “Chee, lot of shy is coming ya. Few more days to go Sundari. I am soo excited ya”
“I am going to change into a moth, Sundari. Can you believe it? I wish we could fly like our colourful cousins, but just the experience of having wings is so majaa no?”
“Che. Just listening to you is making me so jealous dee. I suppose I’ll also spin some day, but you have been chosen to enter the special garden.”
(Pappammal the cranky old moth arrives)
“Ennadi. What nonsense you little ones are chitter-chattering about?”
“Pappamma, Gopika is going inside. She has been chosen. She is so excited about it.”
“You fools. Do you know what happens to the chosen ones? They are boiled alive. 5000 of you. To make some artificial covering for one Homo sapiens it seems.
That too they wear it only twice a year at some weddings it seems.”
“Po Papaama, you are just chumma saying all this. You must be jealous of Gopika. After all, you were not chosen when you were 35 days old.

(a few months later)

Wow. MS Blue. Parrot Green. Any more colours availablaa??


11 responses to “More Colours Availablaa?”

  1. Bikerdude Avatar

    Macabre, but died laughing. You are the BOSS of black humour I say. Uff! ROFL

  2. krishashok Avatar

    Karuppu thaan enakku pidiccha kalaru
    (Black only I am liking colour)

  3. Priya Avatar

    whatay coincidence.. next week me is the going to a wedding.. pattu podavai n all.. 😦

    that apart, that’s a good narrative.. why the italics, though?

  4. krishashok Avatar

    Ah. hm. good point. Chumma for dramatic effect for dialogues and all. Im changing it.

  5. Ananth Prashanth Avatar

    Good one. have to apply the K.I.S.S priniciple – Purani Jeans aur Grey T-shirt!!
    but, just imagine Ambuja maami, her friend Aandaal, husband Sirinivasagopalan Iyengar and brother Narasimhan Ramanujam coming to a wedding in a tuxedos and gowns.
    man u make me think like Jeff in Coupling 🙂


  6. Aarti Avatar

    Hahaha, nice one. sad but true..

  7. Marc Avatar

    Oh God, I first thought you overheard two ‘maamis’ talking.

  8. krishashok Avatar

    Well..the idea was to make the conversation between 2 silkworms sound like 2 silk saree wearing maamis 🙂 So not bad, looks like the trap worked

  9. Vasooo Avatar

    actually very touching ….boohoooo

  10. Arunesh Avatar

    Man, you are awesome.. Orey gujaltiya irukku padikka.. kangarulations..

  11. krishashok Avatar

    No any cryings on DjSj. It is all part of life I say.


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