The Noodle House

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It was 8 pm and me and my better half had a bit of time and a lot of hunger before we were to watch the latest Mayirulla Mannutaiyan movie at Satyam, whose review (no wait. I don’t do reviews. My “Experiential Account”) shall be posted later. Right across from Satyam theater (and right next to the Qwiky’s Coffee) is a small, train compartment like restaurant called The Noodle House.


The decor, as you can see, is pretty interesting in a suggestive-of-orange-coloured-posteriors-of-people-jutting-0ut-of-wall sort of way, but it wasn’t all that distracting.

An authentic Chinese waiter whose native village was about 2000 miles south west of Shanghai in Assam, India took our order and pretty soon, we were tucking into Szechuan Noodles with shrimp, Singapore Chilli Noodles and Ganesh Chaturthi Kozhakkattai (called Steamed Wonton for some reason).

They even served us Jasmine tea, which is essentially water boiled with jasmine flowers and served in elegant teapots. The food is very tasty and served in ample quantities ( 1 dish for 2 people should suffice). And since parking outside Satyam is about as easy as taming wild Spanish bulls while blindfolded, this is probably a place you can try out in combination with a movie across the street.