Bard. Very Bard.

Some general wilfing yesterday led me to this page. While I am not exactly smart enough to appreciate Shakespeare in the fullest possible sense, the sheer cadence and music of the words when spoken out loud amazes me every time.

Subsequently, for some strange reason, I was watching Vikram and Trisha having a philosophically profound dialogue while dancing at the same time.

And that heady concoction started creating all sorts of shady images in my mind, of Stratford based Gaana paatu lyric writers named Vallam Seshappa Iyer, wearing silk lungi and screaming in frustration – “Otha dei. Adhu “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” and not “Sinks and a rose….” at amateur actors playing Omlette, the prince of Patthukkuri.

So what does one do to dispel these disturbing images? One cannot write poetry as beautifully as Chenthil. But one can try eh? So here is a cough-cough poetic translation of that popular dialogue between Vikram and Trisha.

Tie the knot, my fairest, shall we

and flee this city of tyrants so loveless,

Or might we first our bold journey undertake,

while I wait with a ring for thee, breathless.

Our union is but a precursor to child,

our own bundle of sweetness and smile

But my lover so strong, can the knot not wait,

Imagine our little one by my side down that aisle.