Day tripper

A famous Jamaican singer once sang,

Down the bay of Bengal, where the nights are gay and all

and the sun shines daily on the LIC building top

I took a spicejet on a flying trip

and when I reached Bangalore, I made a stop.

But I’m happy to say that I am back today,

and will be here for many a day.

The ghee is down, ladles turning around,

hot Pongal’s cooking in Chennai town

Went on a day trip to Bangalore, met some interesting people, ate sandwiches at Brewhaha, which, by the way is a very cool place and had lunch at Bombay Post. Since I wasn’t really feeling hungry, I just had Rajasthani Mirchi Bajjis, a few kebabs and a Kingfisher Large.

Flew back in the evening, and SpiceJet did not serve any food. And I like airplane food. Every cramped economy class meal is an adventure for me, right from peeling the aluminium foil to preventing the creamer packet from exploding in a puff of powdered milk on my face (and most of my shirt) when I try to open it. So when airlines don’t serve food, I sulk.

On top of that, the Air Host ordered me not to take photographs of clouds with my mobile phone’s camera. So,


I took one anyway.

It was on the auto rickshaw ride from the airport to Brewhaha that the angel Gibreel revealed to me the truth about the Bangalore airport. The city was supposed to do 4000 years penance and ask Lord HAL for a boon but due to some technicalities (Bangalore being IT savvy counted 4000 in base 4), the benevolent lord spoke thus – “You lazy city. I shall give you a small road the size of Ranganathan street for a runway and 2 sheds the size of Saravana store shelves for terminals”.

And oh, that reminds me. Saravana Stores, the Walmart of Chennai (truthfully though, Walmart is the Saravana Stores of the US) , has a website. I love their FAQ. It’s enterpreneurship  from the heart of Tirunelveli. Don’t laugh at the English. It doesn’t matter. Saravana Stores rocks.