The Kaka Kronicles – episode #1

A delicious pizza meal, albeit with service at the speed of a three-toed sloth, at Smokin Joes (T Nagar) gave me some ideas for a comic series inspired by Chennai’s most ubiquitous citizens. It also turns out that this is my 100th post. (clap clap clap thang you thang you)

Here is episode #1, in which the main protagonists are introduced. Click on the image for a larger, readable version.


I will try to provide English translations where necessary, but at times, English tends to kill the local language flavour.

For those who didn’t get the poem reference right away, click here


11 thoughts on “The Kaka Kronicles – episode #1

  1. Congrats for the century. If you bat for your country, there would still be hope for us all, especially those unfortunates who are playing Test cricket in England now. Now if you try reading between my apparently bizarre above lines, you will discover a profound truth. When you do find it, do tell me what it is. Even I don’t know it!

  2. Arunesh,
    Thank you

    I took a screen shot, zoomed it 400x in photoshop and also ran an image analysis hyper program written by Zaphod Beeblebrox and also asked the local crow mafia to run a background check. No luck. Couldnt find anything between the lines. But hey wait…Indian cricket team = synonymous with “nothing”. So you were trying to allude to Indian cricket’s “nothingness” by stating “nothing” in between the lines. Oh thou art devious doc.

  3. Congrats krish on the 100th post…..clap clap clap. Since you are writing about kaka i would confer on you the title of “kakkai padiniyar nachollayan” (there was a women sanga pulavar of similar name ages ago)

    By the way – Is the crow singing? (guess the song) 🙂

    Waiting Waiting Time goes by
    Flowering flowering flower eye paining
    Till Yesterday collected desires baking
    u there, i hug, peace gone

  4. Jhimbly I yam trawwwling my way through waalll your archives, starting May 2007 and upwards.

    I don’t have no hassle with Madras auto karans generally-ment, but then I don’t live there yanybuttermilk.

    I lurrrved the IndiGindi bashai mane! I yam forced to put up with vaat-naasense bashai like that wallll the time here in Banga-NorthIndianised-lore

    Vatodo vatodo except loff wonly ven they get fleeced as in abovementionedcase

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