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One serious. One not so serious.

Serious matter. My flippantly worded profile (on the right) turns up on the front page of results related to google queries on “autistic savants”. My usage of that term was strictly non-medical, but I did not realize my folly till I got an email from the mother of a 5 year old son who has been diagnosed with Autism/Aspergers/PDD. She wanted to meet me and understand how I live my life as an autistic person.

End Result: Deep embarrassment, profuse apologies, and a changed profile to reflect the subjective truth about me.

Notes to self:

1. Medical terms are not funny.

2. Blogs get preferential treatment when it comes to google results. (Because of all the tags and links)

Not so serious matter. Work called over the weekend and said “Hi. Can you sorta come over here and help us with a presentation we are making to a client. I said – sure. Where? They said. New York. Wednesday morning.”

I thought- “WITNOTDTWFSMISWEHGP?” (What in the name of the devil’s third wife’s fourth son’s morning idly served with extra hot gun powder?), but said – “Ok boss”
32 hours of travel. For a day of work.  Sigh.


23 responses to “Two things”

  1. john abraham Avatar
    john abraham

    //32 hours of travel. For a day of work. Sigh//

    in these days of telecommuting? kEna pasanga

  2. Priya Avatar

    New York poradha ivlo ‘sigh’ panni sollanuma? enna kodumai idhu saravanan?!

    breakfast in new york, dinner at chennai saravana bhavan types, eh? 🙂 bon voyage!

  3. Rambodoc Avatar

    aka, Why the Hell Don’t You Take Your Wife For A Holiday?
    The 32 hour flight will be worth it, then.
    Wear chappals to the US… always easier at the security gates. And try going in your underwear, so that you can be spared the trauma of recurrently opening out your pockets, your belt and your chastity to prove that you are a security virgin!

  4. Voracious Blog Reader Avatar
    Voracious Blog Reader

    Wear chappals to the US… always easier at the security gates……..

    Haw haw. Ramana, I like your sarcasm.

    Krishashok, have fun !

    Voracious Blog Reader

  5. krishashok Avatar

    If possible, brunch in New York branch of Saravana Bhavan 🙂

    Wife works in the same company. Leave not gettings

  6. Rambodoc Avatar

    “Wife works in the same company. Leave not gettings”
    So you leave wife with Company, and be without wife AND without company? You loser!!

  7. anantha Avatar

    Nice… First Hyderabad then NYC.. nice.. So you go back on Thursday or is a extension in the works?

  8. clarissa Avatar

    Will it be hotter and muggier in NYC than it was in Hyderabad?

  9. Pri Avatar

    wah! varry nice.
    the furthest my company has sent me is Starbucks.

  10. Thoppai Mama Avatar
    Thoppai Mama

    Mami-kku tata kaatti emigration counter-lirunthu kaNmaraivaana -pin “En Purushan Oorukku poyittaan”-nnu Janakaraj style natanam aada maattarhaL endru nambuvomaaha!

  11. Amrita Avatar

    First of – love the blog….I’ve been a lurker for a few days….

    Second, as a New Yorker – I can confirm that it’s hot and muggy here!

    Seriously…with Net Meeting, Video conferencing etc , it’s funny that they’re making you travel. But then again, can’t understimate your credibility now can we? 🙂

    Eat at TiffinWallah – 28th and Lexington ave…quite close to the Sarvanaas (which btw, is the authentic Sharavana Bhawan. There is a similar names restaurant across the road, which is fake….confusing? I know…)

  12. mahendrap Avatar

    Two responses, one serious, one not-so-serious.

    First, I had checked and rechecked the meaning of autistic savant after getting to know your blog. It took me just a while to realize that it shouldn’t be taken seriously. But, there was that ‘a while’.

    Second, you work in your wife’s company?! 🙂

  13. Navin Avatar

    Congratulations. Now you are the #2 anti-social philistine in the world. #1 is Dennis the Menace. Next in the list is ASPD (anti-social personality disorder), and I guess those people will be wondering what your blog is doing at the top of their google searches.

    Anyway, write us a nice Ooru Sutthal post from New York airport…

  14. Bikerdude Avatar

    Adadadadadadaadadadadadadada (da).
    Suuuuper appu.

  15. Arunk Avatar

    It always surprises people (e.g. Indians) that the parts of US which get very very cold in winter (by most standards and especially when compared to India) can feel as hot as it is in India in summer. Temperatures aren’t always that hot, but you most definitely feel it.

  16. DS Avatar

    wot luck ya…32 hours in a tube with non-smiling no-water-giving flight attendants to do this live… 🙂

    hopefully there is a little less parachute in the air this time! 😀

  17. krishashok Avatar

    Romba Tanks. Me in a hurry. Detailed report when I get back. Now need to catch a train to lower manhattan to confuse some tie wearing people.
    I also asked ya – why not videoconference. But they apparently trust Lufthansa better than the videoconferencing equipment we have 🙂

  18. Deepak S Krishnan Avatar

    unnoda kai raasi aanaduppa.. adhuku thaan they want u to be personally present in NY 😀

    but, does that mean ur mugham is not raasi – maybe thats why they didn’t want to video conf 😛

    dozent matter… go, come back, sleep and then blog..simple na???

  19. Saloni Avatar


    Yeppadinna…. Yeppadi Ungalalamattum Ippadiyellam Yezhudamudiyardhu???

    Such a fantastic blog filled with entertaining posts that exhibit linguistic humor and an intoxicating aroma of what one calls a’ sweet-sarcasm’, an asset that down-right belongs to a “South Indian” and Only “South Indians” at that!

    Keep rocking!!! 🙂


  20. […] use the free telephone to inform home that I have been certified, as Rambodoc put it elegantly, a Security […]

  21. krishashok Avatar

    Thank you 🙂 Too much praise baa. Note to self: Must remind grandmothers to drishti sutthify using lemons.

    Deepak/John Abraham/Other Videoconf fans
    Guess what? Some guys tried to join in on video conf and it failed due to a bandwidth issue on the NY side (amazingly enough). But John is mostly right about the “kaena pasanga” part though 🙂

    No extension this time. But I will, in all likelihood, make a 2 week trip in another month or so.

    Hm. Er. No comments. Romba too much verbal gymnastics ya.

    Dei. All this in ads sowing very nice, but reality, too many technical problems with video conf machi.

    Done. Ooru sutthal post on trip

    Till about a month ago, both of us worked in the same floor, same corridoor, a few seats away from each other 🙂

    Thank you. But my culinary exploration of NYC was unfortunately cut short to Dunkin donuts and Sbarro pizza due to a shortage of time :(. Next time, definitely.

  22. pok who was formerly known as DS Avatar

    But on the -ve side there wouldn’t be such vetti oor suthal. Come over to NC and I shall demo a system for you… 🙂

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