Two things

One serious. One not so serious.

Serious matter. My flippantly worded profile (on the right) turns up on the front page of results related to google queries on “autistic savants”. My usage of that term was strictly non-medical, but I did not realize my folly till I got an email from the mother of a 5 year old son who has been diagnosed with Autism/Aspergers/PDD. She wanted to meet me and understand how I live my life as an autistic person.

End Result: Deep embarrassment, profuse apologies, and a changed profile to reflect the subjective truth about me.

Notes to self:

1. Medical terms are not funny.

2. Blogs get preferential treatment when it comes to google results. (Because of all the tags and links)

Not so serious matter. Work called over the weekend and said “Hi. Can you sorta come over here and help us with a presentation we are making to a client. I said – sure. Where? They said. New York. Wednesday morning.”

I thought- “WITNOTDTWFSMISWEHGP?” (What in the name of the devil’s third wife’s fourth son’s morning idly served with extra hot gun powder?), but said – “Ok boss”
32 hours of travel. For a day of work.  Sigh.