Himesinging for Dummies

Since Himesh is the hottest thing since the last observed Supernova, it is only fair that the capitalist machinery cash in on his exploding popularity. So while my blog is not exactly capitalist (it’s mostly lowercasist), I wouldn’t want to miss out on this bandwagon. Actually, I sort of hopped on the bandwagon’s footboard a while back by dedicating an action comic strip to his Royal Hawtness, so let’s just say I am now settling myself into a seat and buying a ticket.

I hear a lot of people singing nowadays but I believe their careers are likely to languish in the 1B/K cubbyholes of Mumbai if they do not learn how to himesing.

Himesing – v.t. to pass musical notes through the nasal and oral cavity simultaneously while a pounding beat plays in the background. Proper pronunciation of the L sound, a very important aspect of himesinging, is achieved by trying to say L with the mouth shaped like an O. It is recommended that aspiring singers practice using the word “Dil”

And where there is a verb, there is a “Verb for Dummies”. Thus I present, for your listening pleasure, the first “Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa” podcast.

Himesinging for Dummies

If you cannot see the WordPress audio player widget, click here to download the podcast.

ps: The whole thing was sort of messily recorded in about an hour or so. So didn’t get time to remove all the vocal pops and other noises. Please excuse ok?


23 thoughts on “Himesinging for Dummies

  1. šŸ™‚ impressive and educational – although I don’t follow bollywood and so can’t relate to this fad at all

    BTW, what sofware and hardware did you use – if that can be divulged.

  2. Arunk,
    No secret and all. It was garageband on the mac, and
    1. Grand Piano with echo for the first bit (actually its the piano version of the intro to the jalsa-jilpa song by Yuvan)
    2. Pulse Pad synth for the Himesh song
    3. Euro type techno beats

  3. How about adding an ooooooooooooooooo/mmmmmmmmm (it’s a combination of the two, usually – i guess oooooooo from the oral cavity and mmmmm from the nasal cavity) …. before the dil de diya hai? Isn’t that a very important component of Himesing?

  4. Very impressive, Krish!
    Why are you (in spite of possessing such an impressive baritone) shy, and failed to record a full song in that style?
    Go get it, guv!

  5. Rambodoc,
    Simple reason – I am lyrically challenged. I cannot write a single line of song in any language. You write me a song, and I will put it to music

  6. KK,
    I tried that. The results, cough cough, were, to put it mildly, inadequate. Only the great man himself can manage the perfectly pitched nasal wolf howl I am afraid

    Ayyo. Too much praise. Must disturb grandmothers again for lemondrishtisutthufying

  7. Krish, Rambodoc:

    I don’t think you actually need lyrics for a Himes number. You can make it up as you go along, and fill in the word “Dhillllllllll” when you’re stuck for something.

    Getting Mallika Sherawat to spout random German phrases in the background might add to the effect of the song.


  8. Great.

    This is exactly what is needed … someone teaching the world at large how to sing like Himesh.

    As I write this comment, all inanimate objects capable of creating sound (i.e. radios, rickshaws, megabass speakers) are already singing like Himesh all around me. Now, thanks to this post, animate objects (i.e….ummm…humans(?)) will start doing the same.


  9. have you sent it to HR yet? šŸ™‚

    p.s: please to remind me why you are not the participating in singing competitions in the tv.

  10. Priya,
    I hope to hand his Holy Hawtness a CD when I meet him in person. Email/Post is too impersonal.

    Singing competitions: Jokaa? I am not a trained vocalist.

  11. Mahendra,
    I am not that good actually šŸ™‚ although Ive often been asked why I never took music as a profession. Its because I have always had an irrational fear that its difficult to enjoy something that one does for livelihood.

    So that’s why I chose a profession that pays most for the least amount of effort so that it helps me do these things has a passionate hobby šŸ™‚

  12. omg! this himesing 101 was tooooo good. šŸ™‚
    donno how i missed it when i dug through the archives. more podcast puleeese. šŸ™‚

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