The Kaka Kronicles – episode #4

Where some doubts are expressed on the veracity of some popular quizzing trivia,


While we are on the subject of Desi Trivia Quizzing, I was heavily into it in school, lightly into it while in college and ethereally into it now. The reasons are fairly simple. I used to win a lot at school level (I used to read the newspaper daily while my pnjaabi classmates were scoring chicks), only to find out that there existed certain Bengali dadas who used to make a career out of quizzing while at college. Bongo quizzers in Delhi University were of the belief that “What Bengalis answer today, Quizmasters will ask tomorrow”.

My favourite quiz question of all time. Why were the words “Ranjit, Fazal and Sandesh” very important, especially in the context of espionage during the Pak-Bangladesh war in 1971?
Answer: Not so soon. Go ahead try and guess.


6 thoughts on “The Kaka Kronicles – episode #4

  1. Krish,
    Well here goes, these were the passwords used to identify “enemy” spies at the then East Pakistan border since they could not be pronounced properly. The east pakistanis would go “Ronjeet, Fojloor, and Shondesh” …

  2. I would never have known! but hey, I wasn’t quite the brightest crayon in the box when it came to Quizes, so no surprises..

    so, what’s the deal with the two kakas? are they like 2 best buds or married or seein’ each other or somethin’? (just the curious cat in me)

  3. Priya,

    (in pristine sangathamizh from chennappanaickapattinam)
    Yabbaaa…summa rendu sittungala partha louwws matternu soldiveengale. Adhu Innaaa, “Prendsaa” irrukkamudiyaadha?”

    (in Bikerdudish Colonialese)
    I the wish to ask that the aforementioned sightings of 2 birds the neccesarily implifying the loves?? The platonic plutonic the philosophical the buddies not the possible?

  4. your humour is truly one of a kind! I’ve been going through your archives and its serving as a tool for procrastination at work :P.. thank you.

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