Pnjaabi on Voilen

There is one scene in the pathbreaking movie Cash that bothered me. It was eating away at some portions of my brain while I was reviewing the movie in this post

So I decided to attempt to set the matter at rest here. The culprit is this:


The most annoying character in the movie, the butler aboard a luxury yacht derisively laughs at the man whose clothes are stitched by the sister of Armani (since morning) for his humble request that 4 “voilen” players play some earthy pnjaabi music while he romances his girl on the boat.
So, the butler has, with one careless statement,

1. Insulted Armani (because insulting the hero is like insulting his tailor)

2. Insulted Pnjaabi music (by claiming that it is not sophisticated enough to be played by an elitist instrument like a violin)

3. Insulted Violinists (by claiming that they cannot play this high energry fun form of dance music)

So, I have gathered 3 ordinary violinists (Me, me and me) and a fake cellist (Me) and proved beyond all traces of doubt that Pnjaabi music can be played on violins. So here is a rough cut version of Pnjaabi on Voilen

If you cannot see the WordPress audio player widget, click here to download the mp3.

For the musicaly inclined,

The 3 violins were recorded on separate tracks and merged using Apple Garageband. The Cello is nothing more than a violin whose pitch was electronically lowered by an octave using a guitar processor.

Update: Mr Butler, we now have a Sitar playing Bhangra as well. Awesome, Priyank!