Coal Cutter, Ouaste Ben Gall – The prelude

Deeyear blogreedurs,

Bhee bhill bee in Amaar Shonaar Bangla for the next 2 days.

We hope to find out:

1. What brand of bottled water bottle is particularly preferred by the cricket loving fans of Eden Gardens? Is it mass or projectile aerodynamics that they consider to the more important factor?

2. What will happen if we get a Hilsa from the Padma river, and a Hilsa from the Meghna river and put them in a single tank and name them “Mohun Bagan” and “East Bengal”. And blow a whistle.

3. What is the considered the optimum number of times to shake the old Statesman newspaper containing Jhalmuri, for achieving that perfect “Shaken but not Stirred” taste?

4. What will happen if we walk into a Socialist/Leftist/Marxist adda and scream “You red losers. Ha ha ha. Capitalism rulez Ha ha ha”. I plan to use my work colleague as a scape goat to try this out.

5. What everybody there is thinking, so that I will know, a full one day in advance, what the rest of the country will be thinking.

See you from Kolkata.