Coal Cutter, Ouaste Ben Gall – The prelude

Deeyear blogreedurs,

Bhee bhill bee in Amaar Shonaar Bangla for the next 2 days.

We hope to find out:

1. What brand of bottled water bottle is particularly preferred by the cricket loving fans of Eden Gardens? Is it mass or projectile aerodynamics that they consider to the more important factor?

2. What will happen if we get a Hilsa from the Padma river, and a Hilsa from the Meghna river and put them in a single tank and name them “Mohun Bagan” and “East Bengal”. And blow a whistle.

3. What is the considered the optimum number of times to shake the old Statesman newspaper containing Jhalmuri, for achieving that perfect “Shaken but not Stirred” taste?

4. What will happen if we walk into a Socialist/Leftist/Marxist adda and scream “You red losers. Ha ha ha. Capitalism rulez Ha ha ha”. I plan to use my work colleague as a scape goat to try this out.

5. What everybody there is thinking, so that I will know, a full one day in advance, what the rest of the country will be thinking.

See you from Kolkata.


15 thoughts on “Coal Cutter, Ouaste Ben Gall – The prelude

  1. Ah! The home of Sashti Bhrata-he was like a meteor with his first book ‘My God died young’ and flamed out shortly after.

    But what a writer! He would be out of print I expect (he wrote in the early seventies).

    If you get this book in any of the famed pavement stalls on College (?) street, it would be worthwhile.

  2. my two penny tip – avoid being an anti-socialist and/or a philistine; be prepared to see the charge of the red brigade otherwise; Walk into any random hair cutting saloon to get the latest political moves of Eva Morales, Hugo Chavez and the likes. if possible, have lemon tea(lebu cha) in some road-side tea stall;

  3. Ashok,
    What ya! Give me a call will ya?
    Would like to do dinner with you if you don’t have someone tempting ensconced in your hotel room!
    You can mail me or call me.

  4. good good. also please to visit our erstwhile captain’s fab resto ‘Sauravs’ (one @Park Lane, opp to the Music World).. it was almost gr8, save the fact that we had to wear night vision goggles to see where the food was exactly..

    and hey, did you pack your oxygen cylinder and mask? you only get CO2 there.. mixed with most flavors of tobacco smoke.. šŸ™‚ and dont forget to send some roshagulla to our blogs!

  5. just curious.. you oor suththing like this, veetle no mindings? or can we hear the better half go ‘yen purushan oorukku poitaar’ like Janakaraj šŸ˜‰

  6. See if you can catch a movie at Nandan. If not anything else, for the sheer pleasure of sinking into plush, multiplex-standard seats for Kamadhenu Theatre prices.

    Join a protest rally – there’s usually one going on. The slogan shouting there has a strange sort of rhythm: the leader shouts out something the size of War and Peace, and the others behind him respond in monosyllables. The theme is usually “Break the black hands of the Capitalists” or something on those lines.

  7. Jillumadrasi,
    Ayyo. romba sy is coming.

    Thanks. Let me see if can squeeze in a visit to college street tomorrow

    Will do. The lebu chai bit. As I am trying to grow my hair, I might stay away from saloons, but I heard quite a bit of “the impending american downfall” in my office cafetaria. Bongs will always be Bongs.

    That was exactly my plan, but my colleague turned it down for the reason that 1) masala dosa might not be available there. 2) We were dreadfully hungry after circumambulating the victoria memorial.
    As for veettu matters, so far my trips have been about a day or max 2, so no complaints so far šŸ™‚

    Love the way you capture the poingancy of these so very Indian things..much like the way you capture movie stills in your excellent blog.

  8. wait, do you plan to bring down the communist government of west bengal by insulting the comrades on the web? GoI should ban wordpress.

    I’ve never been to anywhere in east india, would like to visit some time.

  9. I think that by point number 5 you are referring to the recent article in newspapers that Bengal’s vote power is disproportionate. Or something like that.

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