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Every year, on this day (called Avani Avittam), Tam Brams gather together to discard their old sacred threads (Poonal) and replace them with fresh white new ones. The bachelors (Brahmacharis) wear a single thread, married men (Grihasthas) wear 2 and elderly men whose fathers have passed away wear 3. (Ive heard different versions of this too. This is just the most popular one I have heard)

Every year, my father gives me a call and asks me to attend this 30 minute ceremony at the local temple along with him.

Some history first. When I was 13, and my younger brother was 8, we had this big Upanayanam ceremony and some priests and my father whispered the Gayathri Mantra into my ears while a big silk dhoti was used as an anti-eavesdropping device. They also put a thread around us. My grandfather explained with gravitas that the primary use of this thread is to scratch inaccessable portions of one’s back. Since I am reasonably fit enough to reach any part of my back without using the thread as an accessory, I very rarely wear it nowadays. So the general custom is that my father hands me an “old” thread on Avani Avittam morning that I then proceed to discard in favour of a “new” one which subsequently gets “lost” due to various “activities” such as swimming.

My apparent lack of interest in this thread business did not come out of an unwillingness to learn about its significance. I have talked with several relatives (some are priests), all of whom espouse completely differing ideologies.

Yajur Fan Mama says,

The thread is your identity as a Brahmin. Just as Sikhs wear turbans, this defines you. The Gayathri mantra is supreme wisdom from an era when there was no evil in the world. The thread protects you from the vagaries of this world. The Upanayanam is the young man’s coming-of-age ritual. It signifies the start of manhood. And wearing it ties you to the community. It is also a symbol of belonging to the group.

Sigappu Marx Mama says,

Bull. The thread is an age-old symbol of caste superiority. In today’s world, it is a feeble attempt to reinforce the Varna (caste) divisions of yore. Ask Yajur Mama why our priests won’t conduct upanayanams for non-brahmins. It is a symbol of elitism that has also taken on ugly capitalist tones. Priests today have no clue of the original symbolism and relevance and simply conduct these ceremonies just to make a profit. In the past, the father would conduct this ceremony in austerity and only close family would attend. It has become an ugly show of wealth and class distinctions and a complete waste of time and resources. With so much poverty around, it is criminal I say.

Naastheeka Iyer Mama says,

This whole business is riddled with inconsistencies and hypocricies. Why don’t women wear sacred threads? Why are they expressly disallowed to learn or chant the Gayathri Mantra? The Yajur Veda is nothing more than a detailed, graphic and gory animal dissection manual. Just read the section on the Ashwamedha yagna. It is total hypocrisy I say. On the one hand, our people go to every length trying to defend vegetarianism and portray meat eaters as being impure, while the Vedas are pretty much recipe books for roasted bulls. And the caste system? The Vedas describe inhuman crueltytowards the Dasas and Dasyus, who are the Dalits of today.

Spiritual Balance Mama says,

Now that is mostly polemic. Nastheeka Iyer is simply taking things out of context. The Ashwamedha yagna is symbolic. It does not call for an actual horse to be sacrificed. That is sadly a result of wrong interpretations of the Vedas over the years. The Horse represents the inner ego that is to be sacrificed. The thread is a coming-of-age ritual, something that is present in most cultures in various forms. If one wishes to see caste connotations in it, go ahead, but for me, it’s a personal decision. Hindu dharma allows every follower to interpret rituals and mantras in ways that add value to them.

Social Pscychologist Mama says,

SB is painting a pretty picture, but social reality is somewhat different. If it’s a personal decision, why do we force our kids to wear the thread when they don’t possess the mental maturity to understand and adapt the symbolism in a contemporary way? In fact, most adults and even priests have no clue on how to derive contemporary meaning out of this tradition. To me, it sounds like every generation just wants to be seen as being the torchbearers of the old order. We encourage our children to not ask questions. We demand that they simply wear the thread, chant the mantras and simply believe that it’s all for some greater good. This is not sustainable.

Practical Mama says,

As far as I am concerned, I don’t understand any of those mantras. But it keeps the old people happy I say. Don’t waste your time on the ceremonies, but just wear the thread when old people are around. But I must say that if you wear the thread, engineering college admissions in TN are very dificult I say. So much quota. So think about, weigh your options and do a SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threads).

I say,

Several good arguments and several bogus ones. But the only reason I still continue to do this is this. My father watches soaps on TV. I watch documentaries on Youtube. He believs in astrology. I believe in astronomy. He consults horoscopes. I consult Google and Wikipedia. He believes in slow patient decisions. I believe in fast impulsive decisions. He is strongly theist and believes in karma. I am strongly atheist and believe in Navrathan Kurma. He is 63. I am 30.

Avani Avittam is one of those days I can sit next to him for 30 minutes and gloriously mispronounce sanskrit and change threads together. After that, we come back and drink Coconut Payasam. That’s a good reason, isn’t it?

ps: For a more detailed exposition on the back-scratching origins of the thread, read this

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  1. Priya Avatar

    that’s the best reason ever.. especially the payasam.. 🙂

  2. Kiran Dhanwada Avatar

    blashphemy, blasphemy again!! Am sure now that God will open the sky and poke your eye 🙂 Less of bhaashan-baazi and more of coconut payasam…why argue I say?? 😀

  3. Diviya Avatar

    I suppose that except for the practical mama, the rest are merely fictional. Naastheeka Iyer Mama?? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

  4. krishashok Avatar

    Oh yes.

    He wont be able to. I wear glasses. bullet proof

    Ive heard all the arguments from several people. I just summarized them into a few fictional mamas, and Nastheeka Iyer would describe my paternal grandfather perfectly. Complete ban on religion at home. No idols. No rituals. No spending on ceremonies. No caste system. He was totally out of place in his native village near tirunelveli.

  5. anjana Avatar

    i’d go with practical mama [though spiritual balance mama’s synopsis sounds quite interesting too (the ashwamedha sacrifice thing)]… thinking laterally, maybe God never willed for the priests and their children to turn into ‘lowly’ doctors, engineers or BPO employees (w.r.t hellish admission procedures). i think i should go back to being a warrior (or was it a moneylender?). kalaripayattu, anyone?

  6. Aniruddha Avatar

    If I may say so — all this talk about threads and events makes the geek centers in my brain suddenly light up.

    Even in this context, I for one am all for events (who doesen’t like food and fun) and not so much for threads

  7. mahendrap Avatar

    Thanks for the hearty laugh! Six blind mamas and one elephant!

    Me thinks the fate of these ceremonies is hanging by a thin thread!

  8. Marc Avatar

    I wish you would take apart/explain more of these countless ‘traditions’ and put them in a new category so that I can refer the post to other people.

  9. krishashok Avatar

    Posts tagged “pandigai” will generally refer to traditions. A little bit of clean up is required though.

  10. chronicworrier Avatar

    You forgot the kozhakattais?? Oh, but then you aren’t Sama veda-vaal *snigger*

  11. munimma Avatar

    It all boils down to the saddhi. Food. There is something comforting in some old traditions. Also, hubby wears one thread for each of the kiddos. Imagine someone like laloo ji. Could be weighed down by threads.

  12. gopal Avatar

    and then there is the one thread to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

  13. maxdavinci Avatar

    This post was all i could think while doing the ‘Kanda Rishi Tarpanam’…..

    ANy other tambram bloggers you know of who like to post bout their traditions?

  14. Arunk Avatar

    Brilliant – too good ashok!

  15. Marc Avatar

    Alright, Ashok. Noted.

  16. Sankar K Avatar

    Whats up with Every year my father gives me a call ?

    Why not a – Every year my father calls me…

    As for coming-of-age-ritual for upanayanam – that is total b.s. IMO. IIRC, upanayanams were held at very young ages (5 – 7) and a coming-of-age-ritual at that age ain’t convincing.

    pOli is something no one should forget for avani avittam. However, I guess the number of tambram folks that know to cook a lip-smacking pOli is in a downward spiral and pOli may soon be on damn-good-but-extinct list.

  17. krishashok Avatar

    Since boys were married before 10 in those days, upanayanam at 5-7 would be coming-of-age no?
    And gives me a call/calls me..manichukongannaa, edho avasaratthila unarchivasappatitten.
    Sri Krishna Sweets makes pretty good pOli, doesnt it?. So if they have decent knowledge management policies in place, Im sure it wont go extinct 🙂

  18. Sankar K Avatar

    Ah Krishna Sweets – now you have reminded me of mysorepa, pOli & masala pOli with milaga podi.

    Not to belittle Krishna Sweets, it does not compare to a decent homemade sweet pOli. It just is different. And taking one or two pooranams before it had a chance to become pOli. Ah, lifes little pleasures 🙂

    1. Sriram Avatar

      I agree on the Poli. I love it especially abesing the pooranams while poli is on the making!

  19. i love lucy Avatar

    I found the husband’s “scared thread” when we were cleaning our old apartment,on the day we were shifting to our new one!
    And the other day,we found my BIL’s “scared thread” in their garage while cleaning it on the day they were moving to their new house.
    Family tradition!!

  20. Voracious Blog Reader Avatar
    Voracious Blog Reader

    Naastheeka Iyer Mama says:

    Why are women expressly disallowed to learn or chant the Gayathri Mantra?

    When chanting a Manthra, the pronounciation and the intonation has to be followed. The same holds for vedas too. When chanted in the right way, lot of good vibrations are produced in the body.

    Since the body of Women are fragile (Uterus etc.,), the vibrations tend to produce a detrimental effect when Women chant it. It is not than women are denied the chance of chanting the Manthras. Chanting a Manthra (excluding the right intonation part) does good too. Lot of Women chant Manthras.

    Apropos. I know a couple of Women who chant Vedas too.

    I can sit next to him for 30 minutes and gloriously mispronounce sanskrit

    When some one says that “It is wrong”, one must be sure to know what “right” is. If you know the right way to pronounce it, why mispronounce it?

    Information regarding the various rituals and meanings of vedas/manthras have been passed on from generation to generation.

    Now-a-days, rituals are carried out just for the sake of it, without even knowing the intention.

    People now-a-days don’t seem to be much aware of the meaning/reason of vedas/rituals etc.,

    Is it a fault of the parents to have let go the part of imbibing the meanings on the younger ones or is it the fault of the kids as to not learn it?

    To analyse a bit:
    Why is it that the followers of Islam know the reason behind each of their rituals right from Ramadan to Haj pilgrimage? Why is it that the Christians know the reason behing each and every ritual right from Christmas to Easter?

    This is because, the information has been passed on from generation to generation.

    Why is it that the Christians and Muslims seem to read their holy text “Bible” and “Quran” respectively while the Hindus don’t even turn a page of Bhagavad Gita?

    Voracious Blog Reader

  21. Bikerdude Avatar

    KA: Awesome post. Incredibly well summarized. My rever(i)ed appa is a combination of your naastika mama and twinkle-in-eye Iyengar rationalist. So he has a name for most rituals of the upanayanam kind: pereeva vilaiyaattu 🙂

    Voracious blog reader:
    Not so sure about whether other religions completely understand what they are doing either. Every religion has its fair share of anachronistic rites that might have made sense when the religion was formulated, and still blindly followed (or rationalized) just to stay within a comfort zone.

    And as for vedic vibrations, I agree. My stomach vibrates for puliyogarai dadyodhanam the moment the prabandham is recited 🙂 Just kidding of course, but one thing I definitely agree is that sitting quietly in a temple listening to the sama veda recited with the veena calms me down immensely.

  22. Mukundhan Avatar

    Well, there is a sound reason behind the whole ceremony of changing the thread every year. The first time you wear it (at the time of upanayanam), you embark on a whole new journey of life towards self realisation. Up until upanayanam, you are identified with our biological parents. But after upanayanam (rebirth), you are an individual soul seeking to free yourself from the material bondage of this unforgiving world. This marks the onset of biological and spiritual maturity.It has a lot of metaphysical implications to it.You need to be enlightened a bit to understand that.
    There are always controversial theories, but i am quite sure with that i have said, for i have heard if from the horse’s mouth.He tells me “If you don’t understand it, blindly following it will do you a lot of good. Impugn it at your own peril!”

  23. Marc Avatar

    Quote: Why is it that the Christians know the reason behing each and every ritual right from Christmas to Easter?

    Actually because the reasons are very simple. No complex psychology or deep inner meaning.

    Quote: Why is it that the Christians and Muslims seem to read their holy text “Bible” and “Quran” respectively while the Hindus don’t even turn a page of Bhagavad Gita?

    Hinduism seems to have a lot of texts from what I know, so the emphasis is not on a single defining book.

  24. A Avatar

    My coz was in the US of A several decades ago. This was the report on his pyscho exam…(he had to undergo that test for (ahem) security clearance for working on an OR project for the US Navy)…

    “Fine in all aspects except that he tends to wear a thread around his shoulder…”

    And a couple of years later dude heads back to mera Bharat mahan and he knows his dear Grandma will skin him alive if he shows up sans thread – so last minute our genius fixes himself up…and the said Grandma almost gets a heart attack when she lovingly massages his shoulders with (ugh) castor oil for a long overdue oil bath…turns out that my dear coz had the married guyz number of threads…and that too that day was supposed to be his engagement to a girl selected by none other than Grandma….

  25. rambodoc Avatar

    Voracious Blog Reader: do you have any scientific evidence to support your statement re vibrations (as opposed to vibrators) being good for the body?

    Bikerdude: The feel-good factor does not connote causality. You can also feel good with a splendid single malt or after listening to a baby sing. There is also something to be said for the placebo effect: if I think I am going to feel good and peaceful in a temple, I will automatically feel so, irrespective of whether the temple has any positive contribution to make to my mindset. This is a well known phenomenon in Medicine.

  26. krishashok Avatar

    Voracious Blog Reader,
    I do agree that I am mostly ignorant of most matters religious. But I have trouble finding people who can explain things clearly without using the Argumentum-ad-Antiquitatem (It’s old. It must be right) trick.

    Eppidi? How? Kaise? Wie? Comment? I always thought medical school surgically removed humour from every student’s mind by the time he/she graduates. I have visitors to this blog who tell me that they read the posts, and then wait for Rambodoc’s comment. You have fans for your comments 🙂

  27. Arunk Avatar

    Sort of ironic that even scientific minds want to tow that age-old, misguided sentiment that anything religious must be paranormal and hence cannot be practical and be explained scientifically? So as soon as something said in a religious context is proven outside of that context in real world in a modern scientific, it is immediately concluded that the original sentiment is a hoax. There are core elements of religious philosophy which simply reflect the tendencies and workings of the human mind. Yes there is plenty of other junk and misdirection. But that doesnt mean all of it is voo-doo 🙂

  28. Karthik Krish Avatar
    Karthik Krish

    “There are core elements of religious philosophy which simply reflect the tendencies and workings of the human mind.”

    Please enlighten me on how religion explains the working of the human mind…..scientists have been at it for centuries and still do not have an answer.

  29. Arunk Avatar

    karthik – I am not enlightened to enlighten you here 🙂 You could read up some discourses on buddhist, hindu philosophies and see what you make of it. Of course, you are not going to find a scientific explanation like “so many neurons fire releasing chemical X …”. If anything less is unacceptable to you, then obviously you won’t be satified one bit.

    For the stuff I was referring to – human mind’s behavior and tendencies to situations and how it determines your life – I am not sure the neurons firing kind of explanation matter. IMO, some abstract psychology stuff is there in religious philosophy. Some of those mystics only wanted to understand how the mind worked in order to find peace for themselves. Do we discount or be dismissive some of the stuff these guys talk about just because we can also map them in modern scientific terminology? I guess that was really only point. We then are simply aligning with the myth that “religion is there only to explain the unexplainable”. So anything explainable and tangible in the real world no longer belongs there. It may have started that way eons ago – but it also evolved.

    I find stuff in core religious philosophy that makes common sense – and I am not religious. Don’t mistake me – there is plenty of stuff in religion which I don’t agree with or cannot relate to at all. But there are a few (what I consider) valuable stuff in the core philosophical side of things.

  30. Voracious Blog Reader Avatar
    Voracious Blog Reader


    do you have any scientific evidence to support your statement re vibrations (as opposed to vibrators) being good for the body?


    All I can say is: Experience it yourselves.
    Attend a veda chanting session and feel the vibration. Or better still, chant vedas yourselves .

    Voracious Blog Reader

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  32. […] rituals (of the Iyer Tambram variety) with the priest who eventually conducted my wedding, and Sacred Threads, where I shared some varying viewpoints on what the thread was really about. This is not a sequel […]

  33. Srinivasa Avatar

    ‘Threads’ is absolutely hilarious. The way the various Mama’s have been named is nothing short of inspired, if not approaching genius.

    I was disappointed to note that there was no ‘thread safety’ Mama 🙂

  34. krishashok Avatar

    Thank you 🙂 and do enlighten me on the “Thread Safety” mama

  35. Anonymouse Avatar

    Brahmin atheists won’t even give up paysam for their principles, no wonder we are held in such contempt.

    Unrelatedly, temple sculptures from earlier times show women wearing punal.

  36. agriniant Avatar

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  40. subramanian Avatar

    i wear my thread only becos at the time when my upanayanam was over my sister said dont loose it.
    i have heard many ppl saying do sandhyavandhanam properly or atleast gayathri during upanayanams. but as the expectation is low i decided to keep that up. more over i am not sure of the initials of sandhya and gayathri they want me to perform so i gave it a go.

  41. ladla Avatar

    Upanayana is a constant reminder of one’s spiritual place in the universe.
    I wear upanayan and every morning it forces me to perform my nitya karma and do my surya gayatri mantra.
    It has nothing to do with being a brahmin by birth. It has to do with being “twice -born” – born again into the sanathan dharma. Upnanaynam is to be worn by kshatriya as well as vaishya. It is like muslim khatna.
    Once hindus start upanayanum their brahmanatva would start re-appearing.
    Then the spiritual benefits of gayatri mantra would set them automatically to the path of sanathan dharma.

  42. […] Sigappu Marx mama (originally introduced here) […]

  43. suresh iyer Avatar

    Dude…your blogs totally crack me up..i literally roll on the floor laughing…..As a dude who trips on ramana maharshi and sri sri, sacred threads have really become too sacred for me post my spritual rebirth, which was interestingly post my atheist and hedonic past…anyways …what is followed is the practical mam way…even my does pain me as i have discovered so much beauty in the tamil brahmin culture lately ..sacred thread is symbolic for the brahman..well even the bicycle next door is brahman….anyways let me not get serious and let me just chilll on the hot payasam…..i love your blogs to death and makes me laugh out rolling on the floor literally ..

  44. Lomesleekly Avatar

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  45. venkat Avatar

    i would like to say it is upto each individual to decide whether to wear it or not , i for one wears it and will continue to wear it. i think brahmins nowadays are losing their identity, getting sunk in western culture eating meat, drinking and not wearing poonal, what i feel is our identity like a chritians cross or whatever.

  46. Insedlyswalse Avatar

    I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

  47. aniramzee Avatar

    Three threads for the Elephant king riding his mouse,

    Six for the protector of the universe on his giant snake.

    Nine for mortal men doomed to die,

    None for the kshatriya kings on their golden thrones.

    In the land of TamBram, where the kudumis lie.

    Three threads for celibacy, nine threads for family,

    One day to hold them all, and in the temple, don them.

    In the land of TamBram, where the kudumis lie.

  48. Aswin Anand Avatar

    “I believe in fast impulsive decisions. He is strongly theist and believes in karma. I am strongly atheist and believe in Navrathan Kurma.”

    ha ha ha… That line was too awesome to pass up! Nice one man!

  49. yeskay Avatar

    “He is strongly theist and believes in karma. I am strongly atheist and believe in Navrathan Kurma.”


  50. yeskay Avatar

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  53. Jason Avatar

    //Marx mama:
    Ask Yajur Mama why our priests won’t conduct upanayanams for non-brahmins.

    if husbands are expected to wear holy threads on behalf of their wives then from what i’ve heard, our present CM will be a big ball of string 🙂

  54. rassilka Avatar

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    Для того чтобы купить жалюзи на окна в СПб вдобавок пригородах, достаточно вызвать на замер мастера, а после,

    Чтобы не купить подделку по цене фирменных окон, обратите увлеченность на заводскую маркировку на внутренней стороне оконной коробки.

    Такой способ ручного управления является самым дешевым, но не самым удобным.

    Но, например, в гостиной все эти вещи вряд встречаются часто. После всего адденда ткани совсем возможно. То же самое касается спален, кабинета, библиотеки вдобавок других подобных комнат.

    Чаще в какой-нибудь месяц, здесь имеют место длинные полотна через потолочной поверхности хуй пола, придающие интерьеру некую торжественность. Особенно они актуальны для помещений с низкими потолками.

    Выберите товары, оформите заказ на сайте, указав доставку, также получите его в удобное для вас дата по указанному вами адресу.

    Замена сцепления бензопилы. Рекомендации также видеообзоры

    Варианты процесса установки роллет надеюсь несколько отличаться в зависимости из-за конкретной модели, однако наиболее важные этапы будут одни в свой черед те же.

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