Why do I blog? Because it calls. Beckons. How long do I spend daily? 30 minutes to an hour. I respond to comments from my mobile phone when I am on the road. Why do I never read through my posts again for spelling/grammatical mistakes? Correcting grammar mistakes and spelling is for school assignments. Not for sharing thoughts.

This blog is now 4 months old. For some strange inexplicable reasons, it continues to have readers. For even stranger reasons, it keeps getting occasionally desipunditted (4 times so far). My immediate blogging social network (blogrollers, commenters) have become good friends.

So I thought it might be a nice idea to do some Jalsa and Jilpa historical analytics.

The ancient past 

It all started when I lost my purse in Bangalore. Purse Matter. The first commenter on my blog was Mr WordPress, who so very politely reminded me,

Hi, this is a comment.
To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

The first post that got any sort of attention was Rucking Fules . I managed to get hold of a scanned image of the ID card from one of the most notorious jails in Chennai. For some reason, they continue to call it an Engineering college.

The first post I really enjoyed writing was An Advertising Case study . I did not want to make open fun of the creative geniuses who design political ad posters in Chennai. I wanted to read their minds.

The first post that attracted a major comment debate was Who is a Hindu (anyway)? Frankly, it was a pompous and opinionated piece that was thoroughly unfunny. But then, I hadn’t entirely embraced the profound philosophy of the absurd fully yet. Not that I have now, but I’m improving.

My first movie review, Ettukkaal Peter

The first time a commenter said “hilarious”. Tulsi Tulcome Tulconquer Tuldie

The first time I thought I had really got creative, but the blogosphere didn’t think so. You’ve retro-got mail 

The first restaurant review. Soul Food

The first really popular post. Madrasi Machi . Seemed to touch a chord with all South Indians who have had to fend off incorrect generalizations thrown at them by certain uninformed North Indians.

The Desipunditted posts

Random Soap serial concepts.

Comic strip dedicated to his holy hawtness himesh.

An ambience based classification system for restaurants.

And the unexpectedly popular Priestly Matters

The really bad puns

In case one didn’t notice, quite a few post titles are highly contrived puns. English language enna paavam pun-niccho teriyala, it seems to have become a bad habit of mine. What, in your opinion is the worst title pun of all time? I’m too lazy to link to each post. So plis excuse. My 30 minute quota is coming to an end for today.

Comfortably Onam?

Inhi Logo ne?

Some Orkut some are bad.

Purse come purse served?

Saree state of affairs?

Clutch Clutch hotha hai?

Deccan, but they usually don’t?

Auto Paato Kondaato?

It was the best of times. It was the vaastu of times?