The Kaka Kronicles – episode #5

Where grand plans and strategies are made to leverage crow competencies.

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And I am not kidding on the elderly parent care outsourcing bit.

Today was a very interesting day. I played game #3 (Constaball) in the afternoon. This was the “Parking Violation” variation. Later, I was informed by my office that I had to produce 4 photos for a Swiss visa. Like Immediately. No problems. I walked across to Camera Citi (on Cathedral Road) and told them ‘4 Swiss visa photos’. The man at the counter looked at a large reference card detailing the visa photo specifications of each country and then asked me to step into the studio. Which was when I realized that I was wearing jeans and a black T-shirt (Friday dressing and all), and visa photos usually require something vaguely resembling formal wear. No praablem saar, the cameraman assured me, and proceeded to reveal a grayish large blazer and a bright red tie. So I took a photo wearing a Black T-shirt, Gray blazer and bright red tie.

I hope the Swiss don’t mind.