Ballets, Madrigals, Duets and Motets

I was here today.


and I heard some people singing beautifully. Like this.


The elegant man you see on the left is the Baron La Ducati Doddetti.

I am just kidding. I was actually at the Unwind center, Gandhinagar, Adyar. I had to be.

But at least, that’s where I was transported today evening when I closed my eyes and listened to 15th century Renaissance acapella music by Madgrials etc, whose bass voice is none other than our own renaissance man, Bikerdude. For 45 minutes, they transported the audience to the past, painting a sonorous picture of ethereal landscapes and majestic cathedrals with their soaring and flawless voices. And did I mention that Bikerdude has a voice that will make glaciers melt and accelerate global warming?

Highlight of the day: The duet between Bikerdude and Girl #1 (I did not catch her name).

It was a romantic duet and the girl suddenly grabbed Bikerdude’s hand and our man seemed a little reluctant at first but in the end, as orthodox Chennaiites would describe it,

“Ayyo ayyo ayyo, ponnu kayya pudhichuttan. Propose pannittaaan” (Oh. Consternation. Our man has the lady’s hand held and uttered lyrical words of love)

The audience loved it. Full whistles, claps and more whistles.

Since I had to rush to Satyam theatres to watch a movie whose Tamil dubbed version has this mindblowing dialogue spoken by large, colourful, car-morphing robots,

Maamu, paarthu…peechaangaila paarthu kaala vei” (Dude, look to your left before you place your foot down)

I tried locating our baritone badshah before I left. And I couldn’t find him. Instead, I run into counter-tenor Swede (Bikerdude’s bandmate) and decide to ask him where Baron La Ducati Dodetti was…

Which is when I remember that I don’t quite know Bikerdude’s real name. Damn, why doesn’t the world use web nicknames and blog names in normal conversation as well? So that I could walk into a Kolkata hospital and ask for Rambodoc and fly into Hyderabad and enquire about Miss Thotprocess. Instead I engage in delay tactics while data recovery neurons work in panic mode behind the scenes.

Um..Hi..You guys were great. Really great.

Recollection complete. Neurons instruct vocal chords to ask for “Rajeskanna’s” whereabouts.

Um…Do you know where Rajesh is? (The few common sense neurons I possess manage to suppress the “kanna” part at the last moment)

Swede gives me a quizzical look and says “Hmm. No. I don’t”

And I then I left to watch Transformers.