Off to Govindaland

There are some who visit Balaji in the 7 hills of Tirupati and say “Govinda Goooovinda”.

There are some who visit the dizzying heights of Mount Kailash and experience the ground where Lord Shiva allegedly dances the Tandava.

And there are some who visit the hallowed spots where Govinda danced with Karishma for most of the 1990s.

I belong to category #3. I will be in Zรผrich for the next 3 days.


Conversation with wife.

KA: Oi. What do you want from Switzerland?

VS: Nothing. Don’t spend money unnecessarily on me. Spend it buying nice things for yourself.

KA: (Mental note to buy her lots of chocolates, perfumes, and a swatch)

Conversation with youngest brother.

KA: Dei, I’m going to Zรผrich. What do you want from there?

KR: Um. What do you get there?

KA: Toblerone, which one gets in Nilgiris and Spencers. Watches, which cost about half of Belgium’s GDP apiece. Bank Accounts, of the Swiss type.

KR: Ok. Get me a few Bank Accounts.

KA: Ok. Will check and see if they open Zero-balance accounts.