Elephantine Fourths

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A bowlout. Seriously? As Pri points out, a bowlout is the best these guys could think up of? How about

  • Underarm ball bowled by machine which batsman has to hit for a boundary, with full field placements
  • A complete challenge covering all aspects of the game. Two direct throws from cover-point. Two balls by the bowler to hit the stumps and two hits by the batsman against opposition bowler.
  • The “Ravi Shastri cliche” contest where each team member has to come up with a standard Ravi Shastri cliche, such as
    • That ball went like a tracer bullet
    • He is a seasoned campaigner
    • He has given it the kitchen sink
    • It’s anybody game now
    • That ball had 4 written all over it
    • That ball was 4 the moment it left the bat
    • India is in with a chance now
    • He has bisected the field
    • He plays in the V

But that’s not really the topic for today’s post. Today is Ganesh Chathurthi. Indians like two things – chubby babies and elephants. The only possible thing we could like even more is a god that’s partly chubby baby and partly elephant. It’s a winning combination.

Today we offer Kozhakattais (Steamed Wonton with Sugary Coconut filling), Unniappams, Payasams, Idlis, Vadais and other tasty things to him. Well. We just wave it at him a little bit, ding-dong the bell and then leave him alone and hog the food ourselves. The offical Sanskrit term for this cruel deception is Naivedhyam.

Some trivia here. Apparently, Puzhungarisi (Parboiled rice) is not to be used while making Idli today. Ganesh prefers idlis made out of Paccharisi (Plain rice) and as we all know, idlis made out of plain rice don’t quite taste that good, but hey, since we do all the eating, it’s OK I guess.

We will also be honouring Ganesh’ vehicle (the Volkswagen Mooshik) by watching a movie (later in the evening) starring a rat that can apparently cook.

And I happened to run into this hilarious blog – Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar. Don’t miss this one.


14 responses to “Elephantine Fourths”

  1. Pri Avatar

    talking about ravi shastri, after Pakistan tied scores he said [and you can watch this on the video] “the Pakistani players are delighted. they know they cannot lose from here” HA!

  2. Soundar Avatar

    Shastri! Vadikattina Bombay sandarbhavaadi.

    Retire aanappo indha headline vandadunu kaeLvi.

    “Great Ray of hope for Indian cricket as Shastri retires”.

    Duradrishtavasama commentary paNNa vandhuttaan-Daridram! Daridram!

  3. Voracious Blog Reader Avatar
    Voracious Blog Reader

    @ Soundar

    Haw haw haw. How do you people come up with such wondeful comments?

    Voracious Blog Reader

  4. The Rt Hon VS Srinivasa Sastri Avatar
    The Rt Hon VS Srinivasa Sastri

    Another of Shastri’s: “Just what the doctor ordered.”

  5. Arunk Avatar

    I thought ravi shastri cliche is a glance/flick to fine leg no matter where the ball is pitched and no where what its length is. So ball-out could be turned out to a “bat-out”, where you get 3 balls – no matter what you must flick/glance like Shastri.

    πŸ™‚ about chubby-baby + elephant

  6. Sankar Khrishnamurthy Avatar

    Ashok, what else do you expect? If the Gods were to eat whatever is offered (is it not nivedhanam in sanskrit?), we would stop offering altogether. And all the pandigais will loose their luster altogether 😦 No, I prefer Gods that do not participate in feasting and leave it to us mere immortals.

    Rather, wouldn’t it be just swell if we were to just keep the ingredients in front of God and He in his infinite wisdom and power can convert them into a mouth-watering kozhukkattai or seedai or murukku or whatever. And that certainly would be anugraham πŸ˜€

  7. amreekandesi Avatar

    Did anyone else think that the bowlout seemed a little weird. I mean, how hard is it for bowlers to hit the stumps with no batsman to stop them ? And all the pakistani bowlers missed !! Something fishy ?

    Besides, i would have preferred something like : Nominate 5 batsmen to take free hits, and the team with more 6s (or 4s) wins.

  8. KK Avatar

    kozhakattais aren’t sugary, they’re jaggery-y…

    more shastriisms: the writing is on the wall; what i liked about X, Y or Z was how he paced his innings; good thing about the shot was – he was ALWAYS looking to hit down the ground; GOOD, clean hit! (he says GOOD in a manner deserving of a jalsa podcast)

    and check this out:

  9. Kitcha Avatar

    Next time you hear Shastri-ji commentating, count how often he uses the word “tremendous” – take away that word, and he’ll be tongue-tied.

  10. Bikerdude Avatar

    Thanks to being shaivitely persecuted in the 11th century my family is fairly lukewarm towards ol’ Gans Morea. So no kozhakattais at home 😦 😦 Please eat one extra on my behalf. Lucky fellers 😦

  11. Mahendra Avatar


    The title could’ve been: Elephantine Fours to make it pun with the cricket too!

  12. Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar Avatar

    Dear Mr. Ashok,

    Thank you much for the blog roll and the kind comments. We, at Puppy Manohar / Baby Vaijayanti Enterprises very much are appreciating.

    Also, we are appreciating (maybe not- so-) obscure musical puns as well, like such as pertaining to the title of the above. If it is not obscure musical pun, kindly excuse.

    Regards and Best Wishes,

    Mr. C. M. Ignacimuthu

    Media Co-ordinator / Trivia Quality Control In-charge
    Puppy Manohar / Baby Vaijayanti Enterprises

    “Hey hey hey, one break, coming up!” – Dave Lee Roth / Van Halen – “Unchained”

  13. krishashok Avatar

    Mr CM Ignacimuthu
    You are welcome.
    And no musical puns in this one. Simbly a clumsy direct reference to “Ganesh” and “Chaturthi”

  14. CovertOperations78 Avatar

    Vinayagar Chathurti is actually one of my favourite religious observance days, although it’s not a public holiday over here. I am of Chinese ethnicity and come from a family of Theravada Buddhist and Hindu faith (well, Ganesh devotees anyway), so every Vinayagar Chathurti I end up queueing up at the temple for hours and rewarding myself with jelebis and modakas after worship. Thoroughly loved your post. Chubby babies and elephants — surely it’s a crime to be that cute! Or in your words, Totoro!

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