Elephantine Fourths

A bowlout. Seriously? As Pri points out, a bowlout is the best these guys could think up of? How about

  • Underarm ball bowled by machine which batsman has to hit for a boundary, with full field placements
  • A complete challenge covering all aspects of the game. Two direct throws from cover-point. Two balls by the bowler to hit the stumps and two hits by the batsman against opposition bowler.
  • The “Ravi Shastri cliche” contest where each team member has to come up with a standard Ravi Shastri cliche, such as
    • That ball went like a tracer bullet
    • He is a seasoned campaigner
    • He has given it the kitchen sink
    • It’s anybody game now
    • That ball had 4 written all over it
    • That ball was 4 the moment it left the bat
    • India is in with a chance now
    • He has bisected the field
    • He plays in the V

But that’s not really the topic for today’s post. Today is Ganesh Chathurthi. Indians like two things – chubby babies and elephants. The only possible thing we could like even more is a god that’s partly chubby baby and partly elephant. It’s a winning combination.

Today we offer Kozhakattais (Steamed Wonton with Sugary Coconut filling), Unniappams, Payasams, Idlis, Vadais and other tasty things to him. Well. We just wave it at him a little bit, ding-dong the bell and then leave him alone and hog the food ourselves. The offical Sanskrit term for this cruel deception is Naivedhyam.

Some trivia here. Apparently, Puzhungarisi (Parboiled rice) is not to be used while making Idli today. Ganesh prefers idlis made out of Paccharisi (Plain rice) and as we all know, idlis made out of plain rice don’t quite taste that good, but hey, since we do all the eating, it’s OK I guess.

We will also be honouring Ganesh’ vehicle (the Volkswagen Mooshik) by watching a movie (later in the evening) starring a rat that can apparently cook.

And I happened to run into this hilarious blog – Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar. Don’t miss this one.