Bourne Ultimatum, a.k.a Nil. Gavani. Sudu

The title is borrowed from Vasoo’s brilliant comment here.

Warning: Movie spoilers ahead

Since I belong to the pirate generation and strongly follow the pirate aesthetic, I had already seen the third Jason Bourne movie thanks to a high resolution xvid torrent leaked straight out of Universal Studios. But since I am also an ethical pirate, I decided to watch the movie on the big screen simply because the movie is mindblowing. In fact, it drops a 5 ton fusion bomb in one’s cerebrum.

So what’s different, one might ask. For one, the Bourne movies are intelligent action movies, unlike the Die Hard series, that was designed for an audience that keeps its mind in standby mode while being bombarded with explosions, appa-ponnu sentiment and bombastic dialogue.  Bourne Ultimatum on the other hand keeps one on the edge and yet makes you think all the time. The plot is not exactly laid out like a plate of masala dosa that just screams “eat me”. It’s more like they give you paruppu podi, boiled rice, ghee and vattha kuzhambu and expect you to figure out the optimum combination, and when one gets it, it sure is tasty. Let me give you an example.

There is a scene where Bourne pottu-thallufies (kills) a CIA assassin sent to kill him and tells the heroine “We need to be dead”. Eh, One wonders. But cut to CIA headquarters where a message flashes on the large display – “Bourne and Nicky – confirmed dead”. So they actually sent a message from the assassin’s phone to the CIA headquarters confirming their “deaths” so that they could buy themselves some more time. They don’t spoon feed the plot. They generally hide the food items around and let the audience go on a treasure hunt.

The dialogues are crisp, smart and to the point. In fact, I am told that the original screenplay and dialgues of the movie were written by a desi. But they were censored at the very last moment.

For instance, there is this scene at the start of the movie where Jason meets the brother of the girl who gets killed in Goa (in part 2) and explains his stand. He very briefly tells him that his sister is dead and that he has killed her killer. But the original, uncensored scene was something like this.

And the grieving brother’s response was

Then there is this scene where Bourne points a gun at a Russian cop who has been thoroughly outsmarted. In the movie, he says “Don’t shoot. Im unarmed”. But the original dialogue was

Further along,  Bourne manages to outwit the arch villian, the CIA director, and we are treated to what must surely rank as one of the all-time great movie dialogues. Bourne asks him where he is. The CIA director rep-lies “In my office”. Bourne then quips “I am not so sure. If you were, we’d we having this conversation face to face” and proceeds to use the director’s voice recording to open the safe that contains the Treadstone file. But the original dialogue went something like this

A little further along, Bourne confronts his old nemesis, the cruel trainer guy.

And of course, the brilliant ending. Where Bourne’s new girlfriend watches news on TV for information about Bourne’s alleged death.The movie ends with her sly smile at learning that “no body was found” and we then see Bourne swimming to safety while Moby’s high voltage “Extreme Ways” starts playing and the credits start rolling. What an end to a awesome movie.