“Kattradhu Tamizh” is a wholesome, family entertainer

I saw a genteel, pleasant, happy-happy, nanna-munna, feel-good film over the weekend. And I just had to share it with all of my readers. It’s a cutesy movie called “Kattradhu Tamizh” (I learnt Tamil).

The movie has an uplifting, positive image for all those wishing to do a post-graduate degree in Tamizh.

Warning: Spoilers below


It is about two 7 year olds.

One boy and one girl. Ain’t you already feeling good at this point? Don’t lie.

And their cheerful ride through this joy-filled adventure called life.

Of course, amidst all this cheer, happiness and fun, a few tragedies are bound to occur. Nothing major, you will be relieved to learn.

Just a pet dog who gets run over by a train. And the trivial matter of both the kids getting an introductory course, titled Train-Over-Dog 101, with high resolution visuals (Canine innards) for a proper learning experience.

And the boy’s mother and grandparents being run over by a speeding truck. And the boy getting an getting an introductory course, titled Truck-Over-Family 101, with high resolution visuals (a few barrels of O+) for a proper learning experience.

And a guided tour into a mortuary.

And some casual and not-so-serious references to smoking large quantities of Marijuana.

And oh, the hero indulges in some Putting ( POttu) and friendly Pushing (Thallufication) of some 22 people. He also drives the point home (rather literally) to a psychoanalyst that he could be serial. We all love serials, don’t we?

And he also hears the sounds of large gongs going off in his head frequently, and his hands usually itch for some POttuthallufication action.

And the hero jokingly warns us to stop ignoring the rich-poor divide. He does make a not-so-loud call to general anarchy.

And the both the hero and heroine die happily ever after when they undergo a hands-on, practical session in Train-Over-Couple 101 at the end of the movie.

Yay. And we all walked out with a feeling of warm, nice fuzz. Apart from those completely ignorable scenes of harmless, feel-good violence, this was a wholesome, family entertainer.

Final Verdict: 7 out of 5. Please take your entire extended family to watch and learn the power of positive thinking from this movie. Ok. I was kidding. But this movie is a breath of fresh air in the industry. It’s not perfect and it’s not award winning material. But it’s a bold attempt at trying out something different, just to get away from the formulaic group dances, gaana songs and hero worship we see in practically every movie nowadays. The camera work is stunning at times and the urban landscapes are very uniquely portrayed. So go watch this movie. And oh, it’s not a feel-good movie.