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The festival of lights is coming, and there is no better time to turn our attention to Deepavali Crackers (called Fireworks elsewhere in the world). Ever since my youngest brother was advised by a left-wing, liberal, animal-loving, vegan, peace-loving, earth-loving (and other standard stereotypes) kindergarten teacher not to buy crackers during Deepavali because young children who ought to be going to school are forced to work under dangerous conditions in Sivakasi to make them, the interest in fireworks has generally waned over the years.

But now that all boxes from Sivakasi carry the “Made without Child Labour” label, everything is hunky-dory and the fireworks are slowly making their way back into the household.

Sivakasi is becoming increasingly marketing-savvy and this year, this packet arrived (for Rs. 350)


Wow. Home delivery. While I did, for just a moment, assume that this packet came from Saravana Stores Antique Jeweller, the multi-coloured flower-pot on the right settled the matter. So it was time to open the box and check out the goodies. But before I did so, I noticed this on the side. The good corporate citizens of Sivakasi had included an informative visual on the right ways to use Deepavali crackers.


But I was very disappointed that they chose to ignore the following life-saving instructions.


and they totally missed out the all-important


Anyway, I urge all of you to pass these instructions on to kids in your neighbourhood.

So, let’s get to the good stuff inside. While crackers were always fun, I have also enjoyed, over the years, the artwork on the boxes. From the hand-painted masterpieces of the 80s that gave way to the gaudy Photoshopped images of the 90s, Sivakasi has always been some sort of a zeitgeist of the times. For instance, let me show you some of the innovative box art-work this year.

1. 100 Wala


The AK-47 of Deepavali fireworks is the 100-wala, with its machine-gun like burst of sound. This Sara-vedi comes in several sizes. In Chennai, the formula is

N-Wala, where N has the following values

100 – Middle Class

500 – Upper Middle Class, with son/daughter as NRI

1000 – Small businessman who has had a good year

5000 – Local Saettu

10,000 – Local MLA

Wonder what the Nicole Kidman/Jack Black motif means though. Perhaps an oblique comparison to the “loudness” of rock music tempered with Nicole suggesting that all of us should obey the local government’s 6 am to 10 pm rule for bursting crackers? No idea.

2. Bijli (Loose)


Perhaps an oblique reference to that fact that Walt Disney uses child labour/sweat shops (in SE Asia) too?

3. Twinkling Stars


Perhaps a reference to the fact that Twikling stars (and sparklers and flower pots) are considered to be girlie crackers, and thus the Bipasha and cowboy-baby references. Back in the 80s, we used this rule – If it does not make a loud explosive sound or spray fire in dangerously random directions, it’s for girls.

4. Bollywood mein Chakkar


Preity and Bobby are having a chakkar. A special chakkar. Get it? Get it? He he.

5. For Boys only.


These things are nastily loud. And they can be used to break wooden post-boxes (I have done this successfully as a 10 year old). And I love the company name. It starts off so softly and sweetly – Bala Saroja and then suddenly takes on violent, Rammsteinesque tones – Pyrotechs.


The guy on the cover scared the camera so badly that it shook while taking the snap. Seriously.

6. Completely lame fireworks.

I never understood the point of these things. Till I was told that their smoke used to keep mosquitoes away. In the past, i.e. Modern mosquitoes have evolved to wear gas-masks.


Apart from all of these, there were the other usual suspects – Flower pots, Lakshmi vedis, Kuruvi vedis and Rockets.

Anyway, have a safe Deepavali. I mean, if you wish to launch rockets horizontally on the road, do check to see if there are any petroleum tankers coming down the road. If you wish to hold flower-pots in your hand and wave them around as they burn, use kevlar gloves. If you wish to break neighbours post-boxes, use 2 atom bombs tied together, but do not stand in the direction of the door. Wood shrapnel is likely to fly in your direction at dangerous velocities.

40 responses to “Cracker of a Time”

  1. Marc Avatar

    Well, Krish Raghav is right. I do not support buying fireworks and I don’t like burning them up. An organised fireworks display by professionals is much better than plunging the city into a war like atmosphere for days. The roads are converted into bomb testing sites and uninformed kids blow up ‘bombs’ in dense residential colonies.

    The dude on the Hydro Bomb box is WWE wrestler Batista. And is that a Warcraft orc on the next box?!

  2. rambodoc Avatar

    Bipasha is looking centrally cyanosed, in spite of the painted lips.
    Is it because she is smoking too much? Because her heart is in the wrong place? Or she has gron olda and is a kiss near death? Maybe the smoke from Chennai bloggers’ homes is choking off the oxygen supply in Mum boy city, and she is feelin’ blue?

  3. K Avatar

    Thanks a lot for your all-important and live-saving tips. Made me lol.

    During my past Diwalis, I successfully managed to burn curtains of a neighbour, break flower pots (not crackers but those pots with real flowers), blast bijili near my cousin’s ear, scare dogs away, throw hand-bombs (which blast when thrown hard on ground) near my friends’ legs and so on.

    These should be added to the dont-try instruction-list for kids

  4. Srinivasa Avatar

    Bipasha on the label is a stroke of genius.

    It’s a quintessential Indian communication … like the Geetopadesham graphic. Krishna outside the canopy in-charge, reining in the horses and poor Arjuna trapped inside.

    By putting Bipasha on the label, the consumer is told that he’s got himself a ‘pataka’, a subtle ‘Handle with care’ notice.

    Having her in blue is just elevating the pitch some more. For example, think about all those hot calendars in tailors’ shops in Madras. What do you think the tailor is trying to tell his clientele?

  5. rekharaghav Avatar

    Good one. ROTFL! Inga no Pattaasu 😦

    1. lovepreetgill Avatar

      i finding bullet in jances

  6. Bikerdude Avatar

    Wah wah!! Sniff! Waiiil! Koi lauta de mere childhood ke din when all the environmental guilt tripping wasnt around. Now I cant do anything thanks to guilty conscience 😦

    Please not to miss the highly pointless “submarine” which would make a bucket seethe and bubble and then die leaving a bad smell.

    Funnest was what was called “Erippadakkam” in malayalam, where you threw the things on a wall and the wall exploded (almost). They were banned of course.

    Also the magic candle- a snake like sparkler that would emit a paavam plume of light for 10 minutes and then die, unwept unhonoured and unsung. Highly popular among the “mummmyyyy” type of little girls.

    I have also never had luck with a Swastik chakra. Invariably, the second arm will fail to ignite and cause total failure, or the damn thing would back itself into a wall and hiss and spit fire steadily for 3 minutes. Pah total frustration.

    PS: What does “LAR” in the sara vedi terminology mean? 10-LAR, 100-LAR mala etc? We used to faithfully tally the LAR count of various families as a measure of coolness.

  7. Paul Sunstone Avatar

    Your post brings back the day when, around age 10, I discovered firecrackers could blow up empty wooden birdhouses. Bliss!

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  9. n Avatar

    Hand bombs = “vengaya vedi” ? the stuff that had gravel, small stones and some black powdery stuff that burst when thrown hard

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  11. clarissa Avatar

    Since becoming a dog owner (7 months ago), my interest in pyrotechnic displays has waned.

  12. Spunky Monkey Avatar

    Bipasha looks ooh-saucy.
    And I stopped the whole cracker thing back in the mid-90’s when I discovered some “Child Labor in Sivakasi” type documentary on the UGC channel of DD, whatzit called, Gyan Darshan?
    Then, bloodboiling happened. And in a fit of 9 year old rebellion, said a “Nahiiiin” to crackers. That said, I miss those green evil looking “Hydrogen Bombs”, the only one that could make the neighborhood mad mongrel scared.
    Happy Deepavali to you too.

  13. Priya Avatar

    just wondering where are the hrithik roshans and john abrahams of the country, or does sivakasi do a statistical study which boasted of only significant ADAMS!

  14. Marc Avatar

    That ‘blogkut’ crap is spam. Delete it.

    He he. Deleting is too easy. I have sedhaaram-pannified their backlinking initiatives instead.

  15. Adi Avatar

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  16. Adi Avatar

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  18. Marc Avatar

    Adi, could you please come spam my blog too. The usual stuff is getting pretty boring.

  19. K Avatar

    Adi, Same request as Marc 😉

  20. Priya Avatar

    You won’t believe, it’s been ages since I even heard the words ‘100 wala’ and ‘bijli vedi’!! 😦 Man, those were uncomplicated times – teaches you that ignorance is indeed bliss!

    Happy Diwali to you and the missus! 🙂

    P.S: Yep, you guessed it right – I’ve risen from the dead.

    P.P.S: Is it just me or does Bipasha look like she was bitten by Count Dracula?

  21. Adi Avatar

    One day you will find out that the most of your time you are spending after me! Deleting or rewriting my comments ha ha! 🙂
    Please visit this redeemed site.

  22. Revathi Avatar

    The joke about the snake pattasu was great. Finally I found another person who sees absolutely no point in this whatever (it doesnt deserve being called a vedi or pattasau). Even the color matches though pretty dumb, are better.

  23. Voracious Blog Reader Avatar


    Wasn’t there a new post called “Restaupedia” or something?

    Voracious Blog Reader

  24. maami Avatar

    Blazing Bips Bombs and Mickey.M oosi vedis-Wow.The high point in my girlhood was a box of kambi mathapoo in a box, whose cover was graced by Sridevi, clad in a rocket launcher blouse, smiling in a reefed-out fashion.
    Best wishes for you and the wife to have a sparkling Diwali.

  25. 10yearslate Avatar

    Enna, Thalai Deepavali-yaa maaple?

    Bharya-inde Naattukku poi verunnuNdo?

  26. Adi Avatar

    Wishing each one of you a very happy and prosperous deepawali. May this year brings you lots and lots of happiness in life and fulfill all your dreams.

  27. Kavitha Avatar

    Happy Diwali! How i wish i could burst some firecrackers 🙂

    I am just a lurker, been reading your blog for the last 2 weeks or so! I find your posts so interesting, didnt have a chance to go through each one of them but have covered the recent ones 🙂

  28. krishashok Avatar

    Thank you 🙂

    Bharya’s Naadu is in Anna Nagar, Chennai 🙂 So not much of a distance to cover.


    Voracious Blog Reader,
    Are you referring to this old post –

  29. Voracious Blog Reader Avatar
    Voracious Blog Reader

    @ Krish Ashok

    Yes. you are right. But when I accessed your blog, it was the main post.

    Don’t know what happened?

  30. Adi Avatar

    Hi Ashok, please don’t mind, again there is an urge in my mind to tickle you!!! ; )
    One of the great story of celebrities are here..
    conscising in and I am sure you will like it.

  31. Adi Avatar

    Any way you like to play guitar or just a show off !
    Ashok: I do both 🙂

  32. Adi Avatar

    Hi Ashok, here once again I am sharing my favorite
    website with you… completely new one

    ha ha ha : ).
    Anyways if you play guitar, you learned yourself, or from some one ha?
    Ashok: myself

  33. Adi Avatar

    and how many times you visit my favorite website (you have to tell me the truth!!!)
    Ashok: Honestly just once. The first time you spammed me. Just out of curiosity. But I didn’t like your tagline “Your window to Internet”

  34. Adi Avatar

    Well thanks for your comment. One thing, just curiosity… little bit personal.. what is your occupation… are very much arrogant in nature?
    Any ways another url which may make you feel little bit angry (may be not). ha ha ha …: )
    Ashok: 🙂 Yes. Occupation is doing jalsa and showing jilpa. But I am not sure what is arrogant. Patiently responding to you, and not marking your netglimse advertisements as spam OR repeatedly continuing to linkbait 🙂

    please give response of this one (ok ? ok? ah)

  35. Adi Avatar

    But one thing to ask what is the meaning of “Jilpa” (pardon me).
    Ashok: Talking about stuff without knowing anything

  36. Adi Avatar

    The mugshot is good! cool.

  37. […] imagery on cracker packaging has mostly been in tune with the times. For instance, last year we saw this. But this year, they seemed to have dropped the ball. For instance, I expected to see at least this […]

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