The Clandestine Lovers’ Guide to Chennai

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“Clandestine” applies to the lovers, not to the guide, in case you thought otherwise.

If you and your clandestine louw partner are the twin towers of romance, The city of Chennai is the metaphorical plane (or plain) that is likely to crash into the both of you. The city’s conservatism is mostly harmless, but when it comes to matters of amour, it almost forces lovers to say “So long and thanks for all the fish” and escape to the restaurant at the end of the universe. It’s almost as if most of the maamaas in Chennai are like Zaphod Beeblebrox, one head solving the Hindu newspaper crossword while the other is busy scanning beaches and parks for any public displays of affection with an extremely critical eye. In Chennai, the presence of unmarried girl and unmarried boy within a distance of 10 metres from each other is considered to be a public display of affection.

Of course I am exaggerating a bit. Quite a bit actually. But then that’s what this blog is about – Jilpa. In reality, the place has changed quite a lot over the years. I mean, 15 years ago, if you had 2 X chromosomes, you wouldn’t be allowed out of your house after 6 pm. Today, you probably will be, but the policeman patrolling Marina beach is likely to make polite enquiries about your Big4 status (Vekkam, Maanam, Soodu, Soranai) and generally haul you back home. Big difference.

The real irony is that the puritanical maamas and maamis of yore are slowly getting used to the fact that there exists this sane middle ground between the extremes of Satyabhama University boy-girl rules on the one hand and teenage pregnancies on the other. But with almost every engineering college doing practically everything short of neutering male students before admission, Chennai is entering this new weird era where young boys have no clue how to talk to a girl, let alone ask her out.

But if you are the rare breed that has gone beyond staring at your college girls’ profile photos on Orkut (because any real world contact is punishable by medieval torture and slow painful death), and actually want to go out with a girl and not get into trouble with Chennai’s Beeblebroxian-second-head, this guide is for you.

Update: After several comments on this post, I realized that there are broadly 3 levels of clandestinity (cough cough) that people look for. Level 1 – where boy and girl only indulge in conversation and require a small degree of privacy. Level 2 – where a small amount of safe physical intimacy is desired and Level 3 – where, um, hotel rooms are required. This post mostly deals with Level 2 requirements. Chenthil has a nice post on Level 1 here.

The Beaches

Where to go:
Central section of Marina Beach, opposite the Ice House. For some reason, this is the de-facto lovers zone, and you will find couples seated at strategically discreet distances from each other. The presence of several pairs generally discourages roving bands of shady guys who tend to consider the passing of lewd comments to be on par with . The only invasion of privacy one has to deal with is the Sundal-boy, who operates on the logic that if you want to put kadalai, you might as well buy some ammunition from him.

The Northern side of Besant Nagar beach – closer to the Orur Alcott fisherman’s village.

Where not to go:
Any other part of Marina Beach. Not a good idea.

The Southern side of Elliots beach – There is a police checkpost and the cops play mangaatha and lay bets based on the number of couples they break up on a daily basis. I am serious, but kidding.

Any other beach, especially on East Coast Road – Very dangerous. Quite a few kidnappings/molestations have happened there in the recent past.

See Chennai map here

What to do if caught by a cop:
1. Wear rings on the ring finger of the left hand before going to the beach. Claim to be recently married and act a little offended (just a little) at cop’s invasion of privacy, but commiserate with his overall crusade/struggle against the heinous crime of sitting next to each other on sand without wearing rings/thalis/toerings etc.
2. Additionally create a contact on your mobile phone (preferably girl’s) named “Appa” that actually connects to a close friend who can confirm your “married” status. Don’t use this unless absolutely necessary. Sometimes, just acting as if one is dialing that number and handing the phone to the cop is enough to convince him that you are not the typical thiruttu lover case.

The Parks.

Ever since Chennai maamas and maamis have started wearing NRI-children-gifted New Balance sneakers and become health freaks, most parks have become way too crowded for couples. But one safe haven remains – the Adyar Banyan Tree, in the Theosophical Society. That place has ridiculous timings – open only for about 2-3 hours a day, only in the afternoons, and is closed on Sunday. But the place is quiet, uncrowded, filled with tall, beautiful trees and offers any sensible couple an hour (at most) of solitude and togetherness. Advice to guys – go easy on the PDAs. The security guards there are mostly old, myopic men but don’t push your luck.

Giridhar additionally recommends the descriptively named UI Colony Anna Circular Walker’s park near Liberty Theatre, where evenings are particularly free of disapproving maamas and other moral policemen.

10yearslate adds that the Guindy Snake park is a nice place to hang out, as long as it’s not a school-picnic day when there is likely to be an army of kids enquiring “Akka akka, loving-aa”.

The Discs
Chennai discs are usually filled with large groups of single men who come to get drunk and look out for the occasional, rare (and bold) couple who happen to visit. As a guy, you might not notice anything, but your girl will feel extremely uncomfortable at all that open-mouthed attention. And one other thing – Chennai discs play only English dubchick and Hindi dance music. If you are the types that considers that to be “music”, then I am sorry. No cure has been found yet.

The Restaurants
Mocha, in Nungambakkam is one of the few coffee shops with reasonably dim lighting and secluded alcoves. I am not aware of any other non-5-star place with a similar ambience. The Shansi Kerala Tandoori Chinese Restaurant does have extremely dim lighting (to hide the unwashed and stained tablecloths) but is probably not a good place for couples because the waiters don’t tolerate any hangy-pangy while serving gobi menjoorian.

Giridhar recommends Ram’s Milky way complex on Usman road, T Nagar where the cozy basement chaat restaurant is a nice getaway, although he does warn against the very likely possibility of running into an assortment of aunts who could be shopping right next door.

But as Ramsu rightly points out, The Efficient Jalsa Hypothesis states that: No place is sustainably peaceful for thiruttu-kaadhal. So my recommendation to pairs – get together, start a and create a constantly updated encyclopaedia of “safe spots” in this city.

Overall, Chennai is not an unmarried-couple-friendly place. But unlike some other cities in India, you are not likely to get killed. So be smart, and have fun.

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  1. Rekha Raghavan Avatar

    Haha.. Me the lucky soul to comment first! Great post! Makes me wonder though – Did all the above ‘Gyan’ come from past/current experience or was it mere observation?

  2. Marc Avatar

    Damn I almost got first comment. I stay up late just for this.

    Whatever is dubchick? Nice dig at the tone deaf people.

    Sad that dating in Chennai has become hide and seek with the cops instead. Just be glad we don’t live in the North where roving bands of religious fanatics destroy shops that stock Valentine’s day cards.

    1. nabinatrisha Avatar

      Marc, dubchick is probably in the dhinchak (acoustic drum) category popular in Bengal 🙂 (jjhinchak if it is metal or an octopad). KA ?

    2. Rohan Avatar

      First go to North and den speak. I have been in Chennai for 2 years now and I know exactly what this place is upto.
      Here nobody can destroy shops on valentine.,bcoz nobody knows Valentine…with all the crap being around like south Indian conservative soceity, u can see South Indian girls sitting on OMR dividers with their hands around their bf’s necks, dying to get something. Either grow up completely and progress wid time or just stick to that shit mentality. There is no middle way….thanks.

  3. maxdavinci Avatar

    Now that you have mentioned where to take my date, kindly post the locations where I can collect some ‘gilbhajak gilmas’…

  4. Karthik Krish Avatar
    Karthik Krish

    “Chennai is entering this new weird era where young boys have no clue how to talk to a girl, let alone ask her out.”

    It has taken me 4 years to recover from that 🙂

  5. Priya Avatar

    romba anubavathule pesara maaadhiri irukke! 😉

    yenyways, enga ooru lake sutthiyum same scenes.. I still remember, when I moved in first to Hyderabad, I specifically remember an aunt warning me against spending time on Necklace Road coz cops are always there rounding up ‘clandestine’ lowers 😀

    the more things change, the more they remain the same, me thinks. but good research (as always), keep-up it! 😉

    1. sathish Avatar

      hi priya

    2. ramachandran Avatar

      i ned on girl my good frend any girl my love filer plz

    3. prabhu Avatar

      hi hw u do

    4. Kapaleeswaran Avatar

      Ippo ellam anubavam aangalai vide penngalukku thaan athigam irukku. ella vishyathiulum.. ithu avargalae marukka mudiyathu

  6. Giridhar Chandrasekar Avatar

    As already commented by most of them…Anubavamo??? hehe… How many “trials” and “errors”?

    Ill add a few more places to u….

    Usman Road..Ram’s Milky way complex..If you are not familiar, this is a chat restaurant in the basement, but the entire complex can be used as hideouts….The Chats, Icecreams are also good. Just watchout when you are coming out…maybe ur parents or aunties are shopping next door…

    How I know…mmhm….kekurathuku munadiye solidurain.. This is a good parking spot for bikes.. 2Rs if ur going inside..3Rs if u r parking it here and going to usman road for shopping…

    UI Colony Anna Circular Walker’s park…Near Liberty theatre… Generally oldies sweat around here trying to burn some calories…but evenings are totally free… with a few kids playing it, with all trees around u..its a nice hideout..

    How I know…Its near my house… I get the candid entertainment…

  7. 10yearslate Avatar

    How yabout Guindy snake park?

    Sanga-kaalatthu lovvers lane. Enna, school holidays-le poha venDaam. Otherwise,

    ‘Akka, akka, lovving-a?’-nnu kaykkum vaaNdu-haL niraiya!

  8. Ramsu Avatar

    Apparently, Chennai discs also have the occasional “raid”, so that’s not always a safe haven either. Besides, they might play Himes-bhai…

    Some years ago, I remember seeing a whole bunch of cars parked on the way to Beasant Nagar. Less open air, more privacy. I suppose they also get “interrupted” often these days.

    Maybe there’s such a thing as the Efficient Jalsa Hypothesis that states: No place is sustainably peaceful for thiruttu-kaadhal.

  9. oemar Avatar

    Good post…. Mocha is the greatest place in chennai for me!!

  10. Bikerdude Avatar

    Thanks for the tips my dear yexperienced brether 🙂

    I live next to a lowwer’s lake in BLR where friends get regularly busted. If it’s any consolation for them, cops tried to bust my own parents in the 70s once for walking around together. haha.

    We don’t have a beach, what to do. But we DO have “The Beach” : A sand covered club/disc that plays salsa and bob marley, and is a couple-magnet. For us land lubbers, this unfortunately will have to do 😦

  11. RK Avatar

    Anubavam Pesugiradho?

    Tiger cave on the way to Mahabalipuram is the best
    place for lovers.

  12. maami Avatar

    In my days dating was cruel in Madras. We had to scale the walls of our college to slip out. My anbhu thozhi’s romance got cemented at a dimly lit restaurant in Luz with a family room, ( For pattabhi’s sake how sleazy and desperate we were for some “us” time !) because it was farthest from besant nagar.
    Our only getaway was the tiruvanmiyur beach that amma warned about heavily and when we dated boyz with mo bikes it was horrible mahabs.Went sweating all the way on a bike, to pick a boiling hot rock to perch and try and neck, only to have a dozen goats looking in glazed and little urchins picking on us saying “yakkow, kaasu thaa”.
    no wonder most of us learnt to kiss after we passed our thirties, and had bought ourselves cars with karunanidhi black film on the windows.

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  14. agraharathil kazuthai Avatar
    agraharathil kazuthai

    maami, you rock…

    just wondering which ‘dimly lit restaurant’ you were referring to…… yEnna in those days when girls we go with a were called girls and NOT dates, luz was too crowded a place to even have a masala dosai – with konjam kAdhal, konjam chutney – in shanthi vihar, forget murudi’s lodge..

    theosophical society road thAn besttu

  15. maami Avatar

    the restaurant was called picnic. it’s a small shopping arcade opposite the mylapore-luz train terminal today.
    yeah, shanti vihar was the place to have aloo tikki and hang out as a gang of girlz and watch out for the samarthu mylapore boyz.
    if you ever had spotted a green maruti jalopy with dark windows in the theosophical society woods, that was yours truly. i’m told that madam blavatsky’s ghost has not yet recovered from our shenanigans.
    ennathe rock-o po. ellam aanju onjaanchu.

    1. Santhana Avatar

      Maami, Kalakiteenga…

  16. Lalita Avatar

    Guindy Snake park is a good spot. We used to hang out in Buhari’s . They had family booths, and the waiters were very tolerant of us Presidency College crowd. 🙂

  17. Rekha Raghavan Avatar

    Maaami.. Super! 😀

  18. Revathi Avatar

    Chennai is indeed the worst town (city?)when it comes to “kabab me haddis”. My husband and I couldnt book a double room in a hotel even after we were married let alone as lovers. When we couldnt produce a marriage certificate, they reminded us not very politely that it was a “respectable establishment”. Finally, I was forced to phone a distant cousin who lived nearby to rescue me from this embarassment.

    1. Kishore Avatar

      Ohhh It happens to many people….
      Me and wife were sent not given room in a resort in spite of she wearing a Big Thali.
      After enquiries we understood they wanted us to come with Kids or Babies .
      How Funny 🙂

      1. Sanjay Avatar

        Athuku dhana boss anga porathe. See how funny these guys were. Hahah

  19. Kavitha Avatar

    What about that one of those theatres in Sathyam cineplex..was it Sree..with comfortable bucket seats/couches ? lol

    I think Annanagar tower used to be a popular spot!

  20. krishashok Avatar

    Brilliant 🙂

    and everybody else,
    Yes. from lots of experience.

  21. maami Avatar

    Thank you KA for making this an engaging space and being a genial and generous blog
    host. Much appreciation for your ingenuity.

  22. James Avatar

    Maami – amaklamatic 🙂

    Krish : nalla blog.
    More power to thy keyboard.

  23. Spunky Monkey Avatar

    Bangalore, despite all the North Indian dumbass infiltration, continues to be one tightly knit family. In that, I have hardly ever gone out with anybody without them also messaging me later and asking what in the name of hell I was doing with a “girl!” on such and such an alley.
    We need a KrishAshok counterpart in Bangalore now.

  24. Spunky Monkey Avatar

    *without somebody or the other also messaging me…

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  26. pr3rna Avatar

    Good post. You are lucky to be in Chennai. A couple of years ago in “Operation Majnu”, Meerut, many couples were publicly humiliated in a park for being together. One poor couple went into hiding because they were embarrased after being seen on national TV.

  27. jillumadrasi Avatar

    ennavo pa — nee romba superaathan ezhudarei

  28. sindhu Avatar

    ola! my first comment , love this post. and am hoping somebody would be kind enough to translate those comments in tamil… feels like am missing out the fun .

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  30. Loverboy Avatar

    All you guys have missed the big one. The Gream’s ice cream parlor in Besant Nagar, near the beach/Besant nagar bus depot. You park your car under the trees, honk the car for the waiter to pick up the order and wait for the waiter to serve the ice cream as you are seated inside the car. Take a car with a tinted glass, and yes, they don’t disturb you or ask you to vacate your car from the slot. It’s the bestest place I’ve found so far!

  31. sidasokan Avatar

    I believe there is a “broken bridge” somewhere near Napier bridge area which was quite popular… never been there but only heard of it….. didnt spend my prime youth in chennai and now of course my license has been cancelled…. permenantly

    1. Eagles Avatar

      The “broken Brodge” belongs to Besant Nagar. Tho i would not suggest the place to take ur gal. Hav heard of rape and murder there in recent times. Go wid a gang of guys in the afternoon with beer bottles and get bac b4 7

      1. Eagles Avatar


  32. Manoj Jacob Avatar

    The streets behind Residency Towers in T Nagar have fewer lights than cops have scruples. It’s many a couple that uses the anonymity of darkness to venture forth in search of new lands.

    1. Suren Avatar

      I live there, right opposite the alley. I can do without the nuisance of cars driving by at night, with loud music, when I am trying to get some sleep, thank you very much!

  33. kaichu Avatar

    I chanced upon your post in DesiPundit, and am bloody glad! I live in Kolkata, where the availabilty of places slightly better. As in, there are specific places, like the Dhakuria Lakes and Victoria Memorial or any of the parks nearby the Maidan, certain restaurants and several shabby standalone cinema halls, etc. where couples can go and not really face censure for type 2 clandestineness. And of course, campuses like Jadavpur University are a godsend to lovers and smokers-up — pretty much everything goes! And the new Princeton club is brilliant as well. It opens to the public on thursday and friday nights, does not have a cover charge, has usually decent live bands, a spacious and comfortable interior, *extremely* cheap booze, and is open till about 11.30 at night.

    Of course, there are the periodic crack-downs and upsurges of ‘morality’, but apart from these, in certain places, people and (policemen) mostly turn a blind eye. Within bounds, of course, and common-sense. But still, it seems better than the situation in Chennai.

  34. maami Avatar

    Aye aye, guru kaichu,
    Did you know that Kolkata’s city police commissioner said last year that “No one has any right to stop lovers from gathering or dating”.
    Ii called them “pairs of bengal”- lovers of all classes, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, gathering in central park in salt lake, a stone’s throw away from jyoti basu’s bungalow. and since bengalis believe in intellectual love, unlike us madrasis breathless for hand holding, there was nothing furtive about them, and they seem to date without a care. and the women always seem to take the lead, in holding hands, in flirting with the chappie and much else.
    Tantra and the Park, for dates with good music and drinks and PYTs, Flurrys for lovers of the past era-the people set the place for liberal romance.

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  36. sunil Avatar

    can unmarried couples stay in chennai.? im from kochi basically i want to meet my girlfriend and stay with her.suggest me some good place to stay.

  37. krishashok Avatar

    Dude. If you are an unmarried couple, staying in Chennai can be a bit of a problem. As Revathi pointed out in her comment above, even young married couples have problems getting hotel acco.

  38. sunil Avatar

    but i got to stay over there .! coz our flight is scheduled the next day of our arrival. if u suggest some 3 star hotels where unmarried couples stay will not be a problem..then itll be good.

  39. rads Avatar

    Cha! Where were all such fine posts 15 years ago, could’ve helped some of us paavam folks at least illiya!

    Nice 🙂

  40. Kicha Avatar

    Its a bit depressing to read that things haven’t changed much on this front since the early ’70s. Wish those “maamas” would take a bite out of crime instead of harassing young ‘kaadalars’. A favorite haunt back then (obviously for more than quiet conversation) was the continuous shows at Blue Diamond theater at Gemini. Hangy-pangy and gobi menjoorian were great ones – will keep me smiling through the week.

  41. Gilma_Girl Avatar

    I agree Krish Ashok is a genius. But the Only Missing Out point in this blog is the Consolidated list of Level2 and Level 3 ( suitable Open air locations,cud be dark too) spots .
    Precisely there r mostly level 1 spots listed. will somebody contribute to level 2 and still more level 3 locations.
    On the whole a good R & D by KrisJilfansAshok
    Majaa Majaa Gilma_Girl

    1. Shekfk Avatar

      Hi read your comment nice and good blog ..!
      Do you have the list of places in chennai for Level1,2,& 3. If you, can you sendthT to me my friend ! as i am new to chennai……..

    2. bhagavanDass Avatar

      i am was friend with her you me friend with me you mail me ok

  42. Dave Avatar

    Well well.. it needs a little imagination to get away in Chennai.. if u have a car then the place called Boat club opp to Adyar Park is a grt place… U wanna get a hotel on ECR try Shelters only that the folks in d reception need to be taken care of…

    Try Nilgiris nest they even have a day room rate if u get frndly with the guy in d reception… My two cents worth

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  44. jillinujora jikkinukoola Avatar
    jillinujora jikkinukoola

    Hey Krish!

    Thanx for the lovely blog. More than the info it provided, it was such a pleasure to read it, very well penned, I like your style of writing! Very impressive.

    Will look forward to somebody, probably you too, to start a ‘lonely hearts club’ for like minded gents and ladies like us, who are really lonely, and would love a clean place online, to hook up with cool people. No hanky panky. Just clean friendly dating kinda thingy.

    I love Madras! Used to be a frequent visitor to the Guindy Park myself. Strange nobody mentioned the Planetarium, my babe and I would be in for each & every show thru the day and in the meantime, we would jilpa in the park theyve got along side.

    If someone needs more places’ locations, I’d be glad to give them the low down on it.


    1. Shekfk Avatar

      Hi read your comment nice and good blog ..!
      Do you have the list of places in chennai for Level1,2,& 3. If you, can you sendthT to me my friend ! as i am new to chennai……..

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  46. kamapro Avatar

    Super Machaan! Yeppo irindu ippadi namma Madras (Chennai!) makkal Boy-Girl-love-Place-Where?-How? -inu life ula romba important aana matter-a patthi vila-vaaria Phd thesis panna aramichanga!

    Any way on my part, to startwith -‘Nicejob’.

    Why have’nt anyboby made a rendevous in places like St.Thomas Mount Hill top in the Evenings,Nageswara Rao Park in Luz, or tried Hotel Tamil Nadu, few Kms before Mahabs (or even a low Budget Hang out in Kovalam beach or Buhari’ Blue lagoon Beach resort. Well Options are so many its easy to strike one to suit your imagination(and requirement!.

    Machaans and Machis !Mail me on this topic –

  47. Renu Avatar

    IIT-Madras has ‘n’ number of secluded spots suitable for level 1 and 2.

  48. Selva Avatar

    Eppadi krish , ungalala mattum ippadi ellam, yosika mudiyuthu ! Wanna add some points , there is a restaurant ,Near Chromepet, Naihaa Naidu hall Basebent, Most suitable place for Level 2, sip of Juice with a Quite jalsa :).

    1. Shekfk Avatar

      Can you give me the name of the restaurant that one you said in chrompet near Naihaa Naidu Hal Basement

  49. Narayanan Avatar

    Read this a few months after it was posted, obviously, but still want to comment.

    I have noticed that about Madras (and heard a lot too), not a place for unmarried couples. People should open up a little, or more like, mind their own business.

    Maybe if you had your own apartment it would be waaay easier?

  50. Ganesh KB Avatar

    adhaana pathen! IIT-a epdi vittuteenganu.. promptly pointed out in a comment or two.. stadium indeed is one “hot spot” but closed post 9 nowadays, so be careful!! even otherwise, its heaven in the midst of the city!

  51. Haboub Avatar

    Hiya, I found Chennai a top place for loverseven though it is extending city but still the traditions are kept neat unlike other Indian or say Asian major cities. I would like to meet up with more talented ladies 🙂

  52. karthik Avatar

    a cpl of places worth visiting as couples to avoid such intrusive factors – broken bridge near naval quarters, the area between aravanthaangal and fisherman’s cove on east coast road [en route to mahabs..aka mahabalipuram], ICF railway colony thiruvalluvar park. now thsi place is not for the faint hearted but it is indeed avery very secluded place even though it is right next to the INtegral Coach Factory. except for the occasional whistle of a loco no other homo [sapien] surprisingly ventures out here. theres a lake with lots of snails and perhaps a few snakes. but whats life without a risk? yes anubavapoornamaaa thaan pesaraen 🙂

  53. Madhuri Avatar

    ROTFLLLLL 😀 :D… Might I add,

    IIT Campus – No need to be smart enough to get in legit 😀 , just go during application buying time, library reference (ideal!), Saarang etc.

    Browsing centers – Most now have become VERY dubious hangouts, but there used to be some safe places 😉

    Movie theaters – you gotta pick the right movie here … NOT an A movie, preferably a cartoon, in its 100th day

    All libraries and museums in fact, Connemara, I forget the rest :(( … Also occasional art exhibitions (look out in events section of Hindu)

    Zoo is banned. A friend tried to go and were forbidden (can you imagine??) cause they were a couple (one wonders how our population reached such quantities :(()

  54. Madhuri Avatar

    Oh IIT already pointed out 😀 … My bad 😦 …

  55. tangled Avatar

    First comment, because I just *had* to know – “…the passing of lewd comments to be on par with…”?

  56. Lorded Avatar

    Do they allow couples into the theosophical society? For hugging and kissing for an hour or so without any disturbance

    More of level 2 places plesae?

  57. Kumar Avatar

    Hey friends

    Please tell me some L3 places in and arround chennai….


  58. Rajiv Avatar

    Fiends…. Tell me asap….

    PLease tell me some good hotel name(Budget also) Where i can stay for 2 days with my girl frd easily with no such kind of prob….. as she is coming this weekend to meet me……..


  59. Pradep Avatar

    IIT irukkum bothu , Anna University a epdi marantheenga ? . Othukkave mudiyaathu . Naan Anna Univ la than Padikkaren . Evlo marathadi , evlo odanja motor-shed, Paazhadanja pazhaya office roomunga . Ezhavu ellaa Category velaigalum inga nadakkuthu . College ulla varrathukku ID carde thevai illa . Ithula Comedy ennanna pala “offfice-going-maamas” enga Gate Security a Correct panni vechuttu daily vandhu inga vandiya vittuttu Bus a pudichi office poi serranunga . Illatha polatha koothellam enga college la nadakkudhu ba ..

  60. Ass in the lions hide Avatar

    What a post! My frnd had a tuff time on ECR beaches/ marina is not the safest place either/and guru u forgot Anna nagar tower where paying 3 bucks can take u up 8 levels and should the crowd be less u can do some gaja buja fun( i heard abt all dis and only heard!)

  61. Sandy Avatar

    Hi friends…please tell me any hotel or guest house name in Meerut where i can stay with my girlfriend…Plz help me…thanx

  62. Aparna Gonibeed Avatar

    For Level 1 & 2 louwers, according to his description:

    Here’s a tip for those who wanna hang out though – Cafe Ashvita, near City Center.. Beware of a few stares, but, if you act like you don’t care, they overlook too..

    Can you please give people ideas on what the phoonk do single women in chennai do? 😀

    Romba Nandri! 😀

  63. Cool Guy Avatar
    Cool Guy

    This is a wounderful blog for which I was looking.
    I wounder How Prarthana drive in theater is missed out here.
    Its a good place for L2+…
    You need to have a car with dark closures.
    Any comments of problems in this location?

  64. Francis (not a peter) Thomas Avatar

    Luddies and Gentlemens, you have missed the following.

    1. MCC: almost anywhere. Everyone is too smoked out to care. If you don’t mind the deer staring, of course.

    2. In Mylapore, a sidey dark lane off Palace road. the street lights are broken. And if replaced, broken again promptly by the regulars

    3. Lvl 4 at citi center, which is quite romantic, but deserted. It’s expensive. Order pizza (60 bucks). Later, you can wander onto the deserted side terrace for some gilma. Tell the guard you want to take photos or some such nonsense. Tip him when you leave.

    4. Near the Music Academy, a restaurant called Palki which has high partings and unobtrusive waiters. Pick the table right at the back.

    Oldies, stop being nostalgic! You can be out in the open and disapprove of us youngsters. We may, however, pelt you with empty bottles of coke and run away laughing. 😀

  65. mk Avatar

    As one of the friends said if you have car with tint then you can go to prarthana drive in is the great place. if you dont have car northern part of besant nagar and southern part of thiruvanmiyur will be fine. cops wont cause much problem. I never prefer any hotels to stay with girl friend. In emergency you can try in TTDC mahabalipuram is very less problematic b’cos its government place. one more tip you can go to any hotels on national holidays like ganesh chathurthi, republic day, independence day. during this time all the state police will be assingned in the duty in public places that includes all the wings of the police department. at that time there wont be any raid for the hotels becos there wont be cops in even police station.


  66. P Avatar

    Aiiyyo pah! Came here via the most roundest about way, but at least I have finally come. Err.. arrived.
    Not adding to this list, because if secret places get populated, then where will all the peoples go?!
    Okay okay fine, one I will give: Brio, above the most unassuming mothercare outlet in the world. Damn cool. Smile, point out one adorable bib for Rs 300/- with one kauuuute kartoon kuruvi on it to your loue, then meander upstairs and order something chocolatey. Can sit there for hours, and further meander.. ahem… among the books. Great for L1 & L2.
    Very impressed I am. Deadly blog, saar 🙂

  67. Rangu Avatar


    You are forgetting a couple of louwe-ly places:
    1. War Memorial (harbor entrance edhirka)
    2. Koil ullaara

  68. Deepa Mohan Avatar


    Rangu // December 15, 2008 at 1:56 pm


    2. Koil ullaara

    Yes, you seem not to have listed (for level 1) the inside of various of our temples. Of course the danger of visiting aunts and parents is there…but they can be easily avoided methinks.

    I am listing spots used by couples 30-odd (very odd) years ago…

    Boat Club Road

    IIT campus OAT, on non-movie AND movie nights…are there any movies any more, though? I don’t know.

    Jeeva Park in T Nagar

    Most of the open-air places now would have intense mosquito problems… 33 years ago, on Besant Nagar(Elliots) beach, my now-spouse and I were harassed with a man asking us if “we wanted a room”….

    And don’t forget obliging friend’s apartments….some friends can be very understanding.

  69. sriks Avatar

    hmmmmm…as far as i place is good in chennai to be wth loved one…everyone stands and sees as if we r doing sumting awkward(idiots)…
    pls suggest me sum good place in chennai if anyone can to be with loved one,,,secured place

  70. Kris Avatar

    I have some of the places mentioned above. A few of those mentioned above are fine apart from ECR .
    The great cover up : Goergo

    May be U guys can try out Vandaloor Zoo if you have a day to spend and Car to Take you there.

    One more thing we used to do is to go in groups rather than a single couple. There is strength in numbers. Find some like minded couples, rent a car and set out. A single couple alone in a secluded place is always a tempting target.

    Beware and Be Aware.

    Gud Day

  71. Balie Avatar

    Hey ya … I strictly dun accept your comments about the Clubz in chennai playin @#$% musik …. Dj’z are very well trained all known clubz ….
    YEs!! accept the fact that percentage of gals comin are less than stagz … but that was centuries back … not now …
    now u find more gals in all GOOD CLUBZ… clubz like Flames …. ( mostly stagz ) but clubz like Opium , SPeed are flooded with chicks …. i hope u goin to clubz these dayz ….

    ya blog is about chennai or are u a critic of chennai
    sure u wouldn’t be a Chennaites cuz if u r … u r posts would n’t have been like this …anyways …
    Whatever u say about chennai !!!!!

    U also should know that CHENNAI is the safest location in INDIA…. nobody can deny that
    I love chennai ….


  72. Kanishka Avatar

    Mr.Ashok…Onga pozhappave mathiruvaanga pozha 😛

  73. suresh Avatar

    hi all

    first of all superb blog.alot of informations from all u ppl…but no but mention the kundathur temple hill top….tranquil view but bit hot in summer, then mahabs beach jus walk 20 mins from the beach entrance, its a isolated place jus few creepers will be seen but becarfull dear, devi theatre go for the 100th day or flop film.
    one more thing be safe where ever you go..nasty world wont understand human’s feeling

    dears please help me, give me some more place were mostly isolated.

  74. suresh Avatar

    again me dude,
    is planterum safe place to kiss and hug..krish suggest some more gud place were i can take my gf,studio-5 theatre yeppidi nalla place ah..enna koduma sir edhu, if we are hanging out with our gf bloody creepers will stare as like anything…actually wat they need.oc la cinema pakura dogs.
    am tried of searching places….please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………………………….

  75. Balie Avatar

    This one goes to Suresh ….
    visit my blog too to know more about the safest place in and around chennai for wat u need …

    1. yasin Avatar

      hi kindly let me know some safe places in chemnnai

  76. suresh Avatar

    thanx balie

    wat about the link

    1. sriram Avatar

      can u plz sent me place wr to kiss and hug safe ah thanks in advance

      1. Bond Avatar

        Shore temple in Mahabs if u dare!!! Level 2…Go during the day time when its all sunny outside…

  77. suresh Avatar

    hey balie

    nice blog dear, need some more places, nice & romantic…

  78. Balie Avatar

    Suresh: also plz comment in my blog …

    1. Bharadh Avatar

      Hey Balie……..

      please suggest me a nice romantic and lonely place to spend time with my GF……. just need to hug…… :)………. the place has to be safe….. please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee please

      1. Balie Avatar

        @ Suresh …. Night clubs ….. now thats becomin tha latest trend in tha town ….. u gottta car …. get the girl …. njoi in tha club … rest up2 u

      2. chakra Avatar

        out of city…if u r a chennaitian…go near red hills,padi….u may find gulli streets for perfect hugging….enjy….

  79. suresh Avatar

    ok, then what about my question?
    places……… yar..

  80. suresh Avatar

    hey jillinujora jikkinukoola

    suggest some nice places yar..for level 2+……..


  81. K.Ramachandran Avatar

    @Francis : Oldies shud help, not disapprove

  82. K.Ramachandran Avatar

    @KA : thanx for the info re Goergo . I have left a comment there, pls have a dekko. ( thot of copying and pasting it here )

  83. nabinatrisha Avatar

    an old post but I dig archives. I like that. had missed it when it was posted.

  84. […] a louwr’s guide to Chennai to Navrathri to desified Chinese cuisine to Delhi survival guides for Madrasis to the funniest […]

  85. Sar Avatar

    You’re blog is warm. Very amusing too 🙂 x

  86. Kishore Avatar

    Oooooo…I really appreciate the way you have narrated .

    You have really relished what you have narrated, But I don agree to all your points.
    There are a lot of Lovely joints where you could go to .
    I guess you have’nt had a good company.

    Defenitely Chennai is not a very Couple friendly city like Bangalore – Where Privacy is available in Plenty. But we would’nt rate is as bad as you have projected it to be.
    Pss. I went up again to check if it was a very old post. But 2007 Is reasonably ok a Time.

    Keep exploring – GL

  87. myuram Avatar

    My parents have a house near St. Johns schools in Besant Nagar we have about 2 acres of empty land and empty guest houses within the land. I am currently staying there for a three month vacation in Chennai. I don’t mind giving the guest house to any interested couples for small price. Maybe Rs.100 per night. Email me if interested
    We also have few other places in various parts of Chennai. Email me for details.

  88. Luke Avatar

    @myuram Rs.100 per night ? Thats a typo , right ?

  89. Nabamalika Avatar

    I’m a Delhite who has had to study in Chennai in *choke* Sathyabama Univ *choke* owing to an unfunny mix of atrocious-previous-birth-karma and the worst stroke of luck ever. the mention of the univ on ur post made me chuckle and everything else made me grin… ju are soh right!! great post 🙂

  90. lovely girl.... Avatar
    lovely girl….

    hey guys.. u totally 4got abt d brila’s planetorium………. n d IIT campus………. itz a great place 2 visit….. yet again another place s dakshin chitra… ver u can spend a complete day from 10 to 6…….. coz i’ve tried…………. dis s 4 harmless physical touching n affection…………..

  91. a.a luv uuuuuuuu Avatar

    hai chennailuvers no love

  92. ramaaramesh Avatar

    The descriptively named UI Colony Anna Walkers Park is right opposite to my home, and has long ceased to be a safe zone. It is United India Colony, by the way. Aptly named, too. 🙂

  93. […] Back in the days (1989) when R and I were newly engaged (we had a loooong engagement period of 8 months) we would, as most couples do in Chennai, go to the Marina beach to hang out.  One of those days, we apparently had selected a spot that was, well, a bit shady because Krish Ashok had not blogged about what places to avoid here. […]

  94. ash Avatar

    man… its awesome post.. and ur language is great… u r a pucca hi-fi chennai guy… and ur post really helps me.. coz i m from coimbatore and my girl in chennai… so gotta see all the safe spots to see ma girl in hols

  95. tamilnadu tour Avatar will provide you some interesting spot in chennai like hill station, beaches, wildlife and more…..!

  96. chennaitravels Avatar

    chennaitrevels will provide a cheap car rental in and around chennai at cheap rates. check our tariff.

  97. baby Avatar

    i love tis blog !!! thanku 4 tis blog ! sujjest some more lonely place for “PHYSICAL CONTACT “were no one should notice !!!

  98. Mohammed Sabir Avatar
    Mohammed Sabir

    for Level 2 & 3
    If your going ecr or mahabs, make sure you are not going alone as a pair, take few of your friends with their pairs, go there and speperate your self with a time schedule for lunch, you will atleast have people near you for back up if there is any problem.
    in Deep ECR & Mahabs , gangster & Cops are a big issue, Lot of Rape, robbery, Murder case are Happening.
    In resorts and hotels there is a Hidden cam somewhere, u cannot go with a date and keep searching for cams boss. looks awkward & funny…
    Incident: a couple went to Ecr to spend their weekend after a heavy weekdays work,
    inside the forest after palakkad, the couple were surrounded by gangster, who robbed them and asked to go and swipe the money in card, unless they wont release the girl, helplessly the guy went to atm got his money, came back with a constable to rescue the girl but found a most harrasing moment the girl was raped by 10 gangsters, untill the guy arrived, the girl died on spot, constable was not able to cath the gangsters they flew away, the police guy thrashed the guy, then other formalilties were completeled with out logging a case, to with hold the family respect.. after hearing this incident from my friend tears came out…

    ***Konja neayram sogathuthuku nambi vandhavala riskla vidalaama***
    Best place to be so intimate is home , girlfriend home or boyfriend home, it doent matter.
    if you love a girl its obvious your gonna marry her, then why such a hurry,
    **Give her respect, she will return the same to you*** get married then she is completly yours whoes gonna stop, [ night to day – bedroom — early morning bathroom — afternooon kitchen– evening balcony terrace living room, then again night bedroom] 24/7 service, whoes gonna stop.. ** why iruttu valylail murttu kuththu, kalyanam panniko unnoda wife unnoda life light pottu kuththu, candle light la kutthu, day and night dance, romance, love, inch incha anubhavi**
    u seek for hiding places people seek for you and find you, live a bold life.. why to hide when she is yours. **life is once, love is once, marriage is once, death is once** live the moment with out fear, live you life.. when she sits in you bike with saree and thaali, he will wipe your rayban avaitor sunglass and give it to you, then see her face iin your bike mirror, you can see the respect and love in her eyes only for you..

    1. unmaikadalan Avatar

      awesome awesome awesome reply, but unfortunately what if we still have 3 years to get married, we know we’re gonna get married and boss hormones ah kattu padutha mudilaye,

    2. Dhina Avatar

      nice comments bosss…

  99. Junu Avatar

    hey chennai lovers……. I m sure that u got to know by reading above articles tht Chennai is NOT a place for lover & unmarried couples… But if plan ur day and timing there is a way for experience a Level 2 romance in Chennai….
    Yes there is a safe place in Chennai for lovers to spend some romantic time in Chennai,…. The place is ”VGP – Golden Beach” but never visit VGP with ur girlfriend/boyfriend on holidays, my recommendation is monday….
    Now ur plan for the romantic day —— choose a nice fine working day (prefer monday) peak ur lover at morning and try to reach VGP by 9 am, VGP tickets is under budget- just Rs.150/head… After entering into the VGP take left and walk for 5 min, u will find a garden like area, where u can seat with ur lover for long time without much disturbance and Offcourse enjoy the romance, ….. Hey and also after 3 o clock u can enjoy the beach of VGP… Its really a great think to walk with ur lover in beach…
    Best of luck chennai lovers,,,,,,, Happy Romancing & keep loving….

  100. rtk Avatar

    “Dear Friends

    I wish to bring to your notice a very humiliating and demoralizing incident that happened to me on September 13, 2010.

    I’m a doctoral research scholar in the Department of English, University of Madras. On Sept 13, I went to the Roja Muthaiah Research Library, off Rajiv Gandhi Salai and opposite the Indira Nagar railway station around 1.30pm and left the library around 4.40 pm with one of my male friends. We walked towards the station, discussing as we often do the contents of my research. We sat for a while on the raised platform connected to the pillar just beneath the iron staircase opposite to Indira Nagar Railway station. We must have been talking for around 25-30mins when a police officer called us from a distance. (Later on I found out that he was the sub-inspector of Kotturpuram Police Station, Mr. N. ) He asked us all our personal details. His tone was rude and threatening and he used the Tamil “nee”, rather than “neenga”. I was taken aback but gave him my name and told him I was working on my Ph.D from the University of Madras. I also said that I used to regularly come to the library for my research work. I also mentioned that I was married and resided at Fore Shore Estate with my husband. I said too that the gentleman with me was my friend with whom I was discussing my research.

    Mr N. was ruder than before and said that if it were a research discussion we should do it inside the library and not on the road side or platform. He then asked my friend very impolitely “Who are you? What do you do?” (“Yaaruda Nee? Enna panra?”).

    My friend politely told him that he would be obliged if the officer spoke to him respectfully. But before he could finish saying this, Mr N. slapped him hard on his left cheek and ear. I was taken aback and also felt quite scared and threatened to see a police officer behave so violently for no reason.

    My friend continued to keep his calm and asked the officer “why and how can you slap me sir?” At which he said that we had been sitting for more than an hour and added in a shouting kind of office: “This is Tamil Nadu not America. You can’t do whatever you want to do on streets. You can’t misbehave like this on the road.”

    I felt very distressed and humiliated – especially the way he said the word ‘misbehaved’ really hurt and embarrassed me. I also told him so. He got even worse than before and said, “Yes. You misbehaved. You’re somebody else’s wife. How can you sit with another man? You’re a Tamil woman.” And he also added “Can I take you to the police station and call your husband there? I know how many divorces are taking place because of these things.”

    I told him that my husband knew that I’m with my friend here. He continued to threaten me and once again said, “I can take you to the police station and call your husband and tell him that she was sitting with another man and misbehaved. Your husband will believe only me, not you.”

    In the meanwhile he took my friend, who resisted being pushed and shoved, to the police patrol jeep parked in the corner of the road and put him in it. I felt very scared and quite threatened when he asked me to get inside the jeep and come to the police station.

    It was around 5.30 in the evening and there was no female constable with him. So I hesitated to get into the jeep. Meanwhile, a small group of 6 to 7 people gathered there. Seeing the crowd gathering Mr N. changed his tone and said: “Do you know how many robbery, chain snatching and things like that happen here. You will sit here and talk. And if somebody threatens you with a knife, you will give him all your jewels and then will come with a complaint to me. I’m telling it for your safety.”

    I told him that he has a right to worry about my safety but added that he ought to caution me in a respectful and decent manner, not treat me or anyone else so inhumanly.

    At this he reverted to his earlier rude tone and said, “If you want to do these things you should go to beach. You have even police protection there.”

    I repeated that I was not doing what he alleged me to be doing and said that he was humiliating us. My friend by this time called one of his lawyer friends and asked Mr N. to talk to him. He spoke to the lawyer but in the same abusive ferocious tone of voice. He said: “I’m watching them sitting here for more than two hours now (earlier he had said one hour, when it was barely half an hour and now it had become two hours). What this guy is doing is wrong. He is sitting with somebody else’s wife. If they want to have a relationship (he used the Tamil phrase, ‘otti uravaadanumna’) they should go either to this amma’s house (he meant my house) or to this guy’s room. They shouldn’t do it on the road. When a police officer sees a male and female sitting, he’ll certainly question and they should answer.”

    When the advocate over phone said that the policeman should also give respect to the public, he said “What do you think that I should do. Should I talk to him with a Thambulam?”

    After this, he allowed my friend to get down from the jeep and told me that if he wished he could blow this up into a big issue or leave it at nothing. And he added that “You don’t know anybody in this area. But I know all of them who gathered and if I ask them they will speak for me and give witness”. He added that he could have left us alone, after taking five or ten thousand rupees from us but he wanted to teach me a lesson so that I would realize that I had done wrong. That is, in his opinion, I shouldn’t sit beside another man. “What if your husband sees you two sitting together?” he repeated once again.

    He also told me that he lived in the same neighbourhood as I did and that we’d be seeing each other in the bus stop and places like that.

    This entire incident lasted for more that 45mins and left me feeling shaken and upset.

    As you all know this is not an isolated incident. Everyday somebody or the other faces it in this area. Actually my discussion with some of friends, women writers and activists reveals that this area has a long history of these kinds of moral policing happening. Moreover on the same day (13/09/10) a senior lawyer (in his mid 40s) practicing in the High Court had received a similar treatment from the police. When he and his wife were coming from the Triplicane railway station a policeman has stopped them and asked “Yaaruda nee. Yar Athu (pointing to the lawyer’s wife)” He has replied that he is a lawyer practicing in the High Court and the lady with him is his wife. And he also has added that why can’t the police ask these things with a little respect. For this the policeman has replied “What should I do? Should I get down from my jeep, bend before you and ask?” This is certainly a violation of one’s human rights and demands a broader outlook beyond only seeking a solution for what has happened to me. Thus, I think it is necessary to send a complaint to the Commissioner of Police with these two requests/demands:

    1. Firstly, to take action against the concerned officer and vindicate the faith of ordinary women in the law and in good policing.

    2. Secondly, what we need in place of moral policing are systems that create a safe atmosphere for women to work and study. The Taramani area, starting from the Voluntary Health Services campus to TIDEL Park is a vast institutional area, catering to educational and professional needs of thousands of young women and men. A huge swathe of this area, especially where the Central Polytechnic, Women’s Polytechnic, the Roja Mutaiah Library, the MSSRF Foundation, the Asian College of Journalism and the Matscience Institute are located is shrouded in darkness. The place is badly lit, there is not enough security by way of a police assistance booth, not even a Friends of the Police Booth as you have in Besant Nagar. We would really appreciate it if the police take to productive action and urge Chennai Corporation to cooperate with them in creating safety zones in such institutional areas, rather than take to ill-directed and vicious moral policing.

    I seek your constant support in taking this issue forward both with your signatures and participation. I would also encourage if you come forward to establish “Students’ Forum of Moral and Cultural Policing” which will provide us a platform to share similar experiences that we had in the past.

    Thanking you,

    G. Sujatha”

  101. RSK Avatar


    Very sad incident, mostly what happens is that people get afraid of Police, mostly when a policeman tries to do this, just give him one final warning that you did not do anything wrong and he ought to respect the Public. If he does not listen directly call the nearest Police Station and demand the Grievance number / tell you want to complain about Misbehaviour and Mental Harassment, call before him, and take down the required No. of Concerned Officers. Such Policemen need to be dealt strictly. You threaten the Policemen that you will give Petition, and directly submit to the IG/ Commissioner whomsover is the authority and demand disciplinary action against the Policeman.

    My mood totally off on reading this, but lets keep our spirits ready.

    Me and my GF both work in same office so we can talk whenever we want, and play little, and most of times I try to close the Office late in evening. Ours is small office with only 4 staff, and I try to send the Pune/ Office Attendant away soon in evening, after the CEO leaves, and then only we two are in office, so we indulge in L1 & L2, deep kissing and hugging and while on L2 my GF tries to go to next level, L3 but I feel insecured as someone might come, as in same complex there are 2-3 offices, and known to us, its not fully suitable for L3, hence now I am in search of a good place for L3, so that I can spend some 2-3 hours leisurely with her, without any tension. And for L3 you really need a secured place and lots of time, because it is L3. I have been to Birla Planetarium with my friend (male friend) to see it as i shifted to Chennai only 1 yr ago, in Birla Planetarium you cant do much in Gardens, but during the star show the whole theatre gets dark you can steal a kiss or two, about theatres I am totally unaware, but one thing i found, that many couples go to HINDI CINEMA theatres, as I came from North, we go to watch films but the tamil couples inspite of not understanding hindi also are in large numbers to watch the hindi film or do L1 & L2 , hope you understand. 😉

    So please suggest me some idea for L3, I am totally against going to hotels coz I really wont be secure there, I am thinking of asking her that if she has some friends who are couples, we all like minded couples could go out one day to some place and be in L3. 😉 Because best place for L3 will be a room, or totally open jungle / natural place where there is no question of interference from gangsters or police, because in L3 if you get interfered / caught it will be tough ;( .

    Please suggest me 😉

  102. Mahi Avatar

    Hi.. I am man

  103. Jackson Hill Avatar

    i would alway prefer hotel rooms with flannel sheets and cotton beddings, i love the feel of those fabric *,,

  104. nishantchandgotia Avatar

    Hilarious someone would write about this. I am amused…

  105. manoj Avatar

    Hi krish..
    Wow.. Its really awesome blog, really very good to see this things. I’m from hyderabad & recently i have come to chennai. I just need some level 3 places to spend time with my girl friend. Can u please suggest some places for me..

  106. unmaikadalan Avatar

    Me and my girl, been loving for 4 years and we still have 2 years for our marriage. I hate this city cuz there isnt one place we can get intimate without loosing our 4 BIGS. My only advice is take your chances when your parents isnt at home. That is the most safest and secured environment to get intimate with your loved one before marriage. God i hate this world. Seeing this post really cheered me up cuz until now this city had me think “nama than thapa nenaikiromo, idelam unmailiye romba thapu polarku”. thank you so much jilpa….

  107. Geera Avatar

    There are actually 5 key pillars for any tamizhachi: Vekkam, Maanam, Soodu, Soranai and Rosham (VMSSR as I was told)..

  108. Dhanujha Gandhi Avatar
    Dhanujha Gandhi

    I have never met anyone this funny and creative to put Chennai under the spot in a positive manner. Being an NRI who actually loves Chennai, I’m tired of everyone criticizing about the city’s flaws and loop-holes. It is refreshing to see a person sharing similar views.
    So glad I bumped into your blog. ^_^

  109. jaya Avatar

    according to supreme court judgement, a boy and girl can be lived together without marriage. so nobody can arrest you if you stayed in lodge with your cleearly told your position if anybody asked your relationship

    1. isaipriyan Avatar
      isaipriyan is true.a boy and a girl can be lived together without marriage as apex court of India. so go and take good room in hotel and a day time instead of night for l3

  110. material handling equipments Avatar

    Chennai was where I had my first date! lovely place indeed!

    1. Dhina Avatar


  111. isaipriyan Avatar

    go to outercity with your gf after 7 pm to 8 pm and park your twowheeler and then make L2

  112. Aditi Avatar

    OMG I feel ancient. How am I discovering your blog only now? I love this. I am a hardcore Chennaite (still cheer for the Super Kings) 10 years after leaving the city. Now live in Mumbai. Your observations are sharp and funny, but so so true! Cheers 🙂

  113. Sri Avatar

    When my husband (then boyfriend) and I were dating – here’s where we went for some privacy (now typing below as social service)
    1. Drive in a car or take an auto until SIET college, then switch over to a bike and head to Mayaajal.
    2. Pick a helluva expensive hotel and let the guy check in alone. Get him to call you with the room number and you can head there. Nobody notices, cause you could be a legit guest at the hotel.
    3. Terraces and rooftops of friends apartments, not your own.
    4. Satyam theatre couches.. ahem.. watched the same move 7 times.
    5. Broken bridge (but I wouldnt recommend it anymore)
    6. Rendezvous in a different city (not always viable) but makes for a less panicky experience.

    I can tell you for a fact we paid a shit load of money to stay under the radar. It was worth it! to reminisce after years of being happily married! And dont ever tell your parents even if you end up marrying the boy! and hope against hope your kids wont do any of the above things!

    1. Dhina Avatar

      Good social service…!

      Mayajaal on a working day is a good one. If went to a mokka movie @ first show, theatre will be almost empty.. We could surely see many pairs coming like this.

  114. cheeka Avatar

    Asog saar, please don’t disable comments on the post. This is a gold mine. Varungaala sangadhigal et al

  115. Anusha Ravi Avatar

    I recently found your blog while searching for some random stuff. And I must tell you that all your posts are really fun to read. And what makes them funny is that they are so true and one can relate to them. I have read only 3 of your posts so far, the Priestly Matters, Tale of Gregory 1 and then this one. Each time, I can’t help but smile and shake my head. Shared your posts on facebook too, hope you don’t mind.

  116. chakra Avatar

    try abirami snow world….week time…and if u r lucky u ll be sent in all alone(pathukonga boss)….but its oly 20mins and costs sum 175 bugs….but pakka place…

  117. Raouf Avatar

    Or you could just move city to Bangalore.

  118. Corrine Gambardella Avatar

    I was just searching for this info for a while. After ten hours of continuous Googleing, finally I got it in your web site. I will remeber this link: and that article The Clandestine Lovers’ Guide to Chennai Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa. I wonder what is the lack of Google strategy that do not rank this type of informative websites in top of the list. Normally the top web sites are full of garbage. All the best Corrine Gambardella.

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    I used to head over to St. Thomas Mount for some alone time with my girl after work in the evenings. Not all the way up to the mount, but there was a very special place near the military area where I would stop the car and get jiggy with my girl. We visited the same spot over 10 times in the course of several months. You won’t get the luxury of time, but for about 10 mins it would suffice to satisfy our urges. I’m talking quick L3s in the back seat of the car a couple of times and deep fingering under the clothes more often (if not every time we went there). The funny thing is that its actually an open area and we parked in the open by the road side (right under a lamp post actually and the bright lights directly on top of the car made the shadows darker inside and more difficult to see through the tinted glasses to a casual observer). The trick is not to look suspicious when out in the open and not rocking the car too much ;-). Also, being a military area, there were no cops and no gawking bystanders, but occassionally, a few labourers would walk by or a few would ride by on their cycles, but they would think its just an empty parked car, and would move on without paying much attention (atleast that’s what we hoped they thought). We never stayed for more than 10 mins or so, as I mentioned earlier, but after priming ourselves during the car ride over there, it allowed us to “de-stress” if you know what I mean 😉 I guess we both loved the thrill of doing it in public.

    Obviously it was only a matter of time before we got caught, and we did get caught by a hawaldar on duty (thankfully, we were still partially clothed and things hadn’t gotten hot yet). He knocked on the side window with his laathi and peered inside. Our hearts were in our mouths that time, but I quickly started the car and got the hell out of there. He didn’t chase us, thankfully. She was quite frightened by it and with that we stopped going there altogether, except to just pass through from time to time and relive old memories.

    Having my own car helped a lot, of course, but I guess the moral of the story is that its usually the things that happen right under our noses that we tend to overlook. Acting suspicious and hiding in dark shadows tends to catch peoples attention more often than not. I used to also park near other parked cars on side roads and engage in some L1 and L2 with the engine still running (for the air conditioning). You need to be aware of your surroundings and always be ready with an excuse or story about why you are there. Most of the time if someone approached, I would pretend to be talking on the cellphone. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t be talking on your cellphone while driving, right? Other times, we would say we are just waiting for a friend. People tend to leave you alone if you seem confident and have a strong story. Being arrogant about it doesn’t help. Humility is a virtue. Normal people don’t usually intrude into other peoples privacy and the car is a private vehicle and no one has the right to question you in your own car. The car was eventually sold, if you must know.

    Sorry for hijacking your blog post. I really enjoyed reading it. It was the No.1 link in my search engine. I enjoyed all the comments and felt good to know that we are all humans after all with the same feelings and needs. Moral policing sucks! Peace dukes!!

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    Keep up the blog.

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